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Abercrombie, Alexander
Ablett, Marie A.
Adams, Elton E.
Adams, Hattie (Savits)
Adix, Karen Marie
Adreon, Norma J.
Adreon, William
Ahlstrom, Mary E.
Ahrens, Andrew Louis Benjamin
Ahrens, Anna Maria (Hubner)
Ahrens, Clara Henriette Katharine (Murken)
Ahrens, Charles Edward
Ahrens, Delilah Louise
Ahrens, Edwin Johann Adam
Ahrens, Emil George Theodore
Ahrens, Gayla Rae (Hill)
Ahrens, Herman Michael
Ahrens, Irvin Charles
Ahrens, Louis A.
Aitchison, Helen Ethel (Arringdale)
Alexander, Shirley (Koppenhaver)
Almquist, Betty (Dorland)
Amfahr, Shavon
Andersen, Scott
Anderson, Bernard
Anderson, Christi Lea
Anderson, Donna F.
Anderson, Dwight K.
Anderson, Geneva
Anderson, George Washington
Anderson, Joseph
Anderson, Linda E.
Anderson, Linda S.
Anderson, Mary Loraine
Anderson, Melissa Jane (Swore)
Anderson, Velo (Jones)
Anderson, Viola J. (Bricker)
Anderson, Wanda (Day)
Andrews, Andy E. E.
Annon, Betty
Appenzeller, Elizabeth
Armstrong, Patricia I.
Arnes, Fred
Arnes, Mrs. Fred
Arringdale, Ida Helen (Tinkham)
Arringdale, John Brown
Arringdale, Mary Jenora (Brown)
Arringdale, Wallace Burton
Ashbaugh, Margaret (Gordon)
Askland, Julietta I.
Asklund, Gust
Asklund, Maria Louisa (Hageleen)
Asvig, Virginia Mae
Atherton, Robert
Attey, Sally
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