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Boone County Death Records (1880-1896)

The following listing was transcribed from hand recorded death records at the Boone County Courthouse. The list is not a complete list of deaths in Boone County during this time period and is likely to include some misspellings. Please do not use this listing to post a mass quantity of grave records on other websites, without verifying the information first.

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Last Name Given Name(s) Death Date Age Death Location and/or Burial Location/Cemetery
Abbenseth Anna 10 Oct 1895 21Y, 5M, 3D Boone, IA - Linwood Park Cemetery
Abbott Deborah W. 06 Jan 1882 68Y, 2M, 8D Boone, IA
Abbott G. W. 07 Feb 1889 63Y, 4M, 6D Linwood Park Cemetery
Abett Patrick 30 Jul 1895 58Y Angus, IA - Bowers Cemetery
Abney Table 26 Jun 1882 60Y, 2M, 3D Pilot Mound, IA
Abraham James 05 Aug 1887 74Y, 6M, 6D Madrid, IA
Adams Charles 10 Dec 1890 4Y, 6M Grand Junction, IA
Adams Francis L. 14 Dec 1886 32Y Sparks Cemetery
Adams Mary F. 19 Feb 1895 44Y Madrid, IA
Adams Sidney 08 May 1894 10Y Boone, IA - Jenkins Cemetery
Adamson Carl J. 28 May 1890 48Y, 6M Linwood Park Cemetery
Adcock Sarah 14 Jan 1885 79Y, 7M Ogden, IA
Adey Matthew 15 May 1896 59Y Fraser, IA - Des Moines, IA
Adey Mathew P. 06 Jan 1895 6Y, 9M Boone, IA - Des Moines, IA
Ahrens Emma 18 Jun 1884 2Y, 5M Harrison Township - St. Paul Lutheran Cemetery
Ahrens Sophia 09 Oct 1888 23Y, 1M, 1D Harrison Township
Airhart Alice O. 13 Mar 1896 33Y, 5M, 9D Boone, IA - Linwood Park Cemetery
Airhart Ray 01 Oct 1889   Boone, IA
Alcott Adison 12 Nov 1887 79Y, 2M Linwood Park Cemetery
Alcott Elmira 23 Apr 1895 79Y, 11M, 12D Boone, IA - Linwood Park Cemetery
Aldrich Matilda (Mrs.) 18 Sep 1892 56Y Boone, IA
Alexander John 05 Aug 1882 1Y, 9M, 5D Boone, IA
Alleman Levi J. 26 Aug 1888 46Y, 8M Linwood Park Cemetery
Allen (Female) 22 Feb 1886 19Y, 2M Boone, IA
Allen Elijah George 01 Nov 1881 37Y, 4M Ridgeport, IA
Allen Ellie 13 Nov 1881 10Y, 2M Ridgeport, IA
Allen Florence 17 May 1887 13Y, 7M Park Ridge, IL
Alm Anders J. 03 Dec 1893 73Y, 3M, 16D Boone, IA - Linwood Park Cemetery
Alm Anna Christina 07 Jul 1890 76Y, 3M Linwood Park Cemetery
Alsever Laura 03 Dec 1887 17Y, 2M Pilot Mound, IA
Alsin Mary E. 01 Dec 1882 23Y Armstrong Cemetery - Garden Township
Alvin Lena 15 Dec 1894 4Y Boone, IA - Linwood Park Cemetery
Amanda Elsie W. 01 Dec 1890 4Y, 2M Linwood Park Cemetery
Amandus Nellie 30 Sep 1895 11Y, 2M, 7D Boone, IA - Linwood Park Cemetery
Ames Margaret 05 May 1892 88Y Colfax Township - Boone, IA
Amme Augusta 06 Mar 1891 70Y, 4M Linwood Park Cemetery
Amo Katie 16 Sep 1895 5Y, 3M, 1D Ogden, IA - Ogden, IA
Ancheson (Female) 21 May 1894 12H Ogden, IA - Ogden, IA
Anderson Ada 16 Jan 1894 2M, 28D Boone, IA - Boone, IA
Anderson Alvin 18 Jan 1894 8D Boone, IA - Boone, IA
Anderson Anna 24 Sep 1886 4Y, 6M Pilot Mound, IA
Anderson Anna B. 05 Oct 1892 59Y, 7M Pilot Mound, IA - Grant Cemetery
Anderson A. P. 19 Mar 1891 52Y, 8M Linwood Park Cemetery
Anderson A. P. 01 Nov 1891 71Y Linwood Park Cemetery
Anderson A. P. 19 Dec 1893 76Y Boone, IA - Linwood Park Cemetery
Anderson A. P. 20 Sep 1895 67Y, 5M, 17D Madrid, IA - Madrid, IA
Anderson Carl 02 Mar 1892 62Y Linwood Park Cemetery
Anderson C. A. 14 Sep 1885 42Y, 8M, 8D Grant Township
Anderson Charity 29 Nov 1894 68Y Madrid, IA - Swedish Cemetery
Anderson Charles 15 Oct 1882 65Y Madrid, IA
Anderson Charley 15 May 1889 65Y, 5M, 9D Dayton, IA
Anderson Charley 04 Jun 1890 75Y Worth Township
Anderson Charlotte Amandus 16 Jan 1891 34Y Linwood Park Cemetery
Anderson Christian 27 Jan 1884 26Y Boone, IA
Anderson Christina Rene 19 Apr 1888 59Y, 5M, 7D Boone, IA
Anderson Christine 23 Jan 1894 29Y Poor Farm
Anderson D. H. 24 Sep 1888 8M Ogden, IA
Anderson Emma C. 29 Dec 1882 4Y, 9M Marcy Township
Anderson Fred 25 Jul 1890 19Y, 10M Grant Township - Lutheran Cemetery
Anderson George 08 Aug 1894 7M Boone, IA - Linwood Park Cemetery
Anderson Gus 23 Sep 1881 35Y Marcy Township
Anderson Jenny 18 Jul 1890 1Y, 3M Linwood Park Cemetery
Anderson John B. 10 Feb 1892 54Y, 9M Lawn Cemetery - Grant Township
Anderson John 17 Nov 1893 9M, 14D Boone, IA - Linwood Park Cemetery
Anderson Lucy Merle 03 Sep 1894 7M, 15D Boone, IA - Boone, IA
Anderson Maggie 03 May 1893 16Y Boone County - Swede Bend
Anderson Martha Ann 24 Nov 1885 42Y Harrison Township
Anderson O. C. Otto 07 Jul 1888 21Y Linwood Park Cemetery
Anderson Seraphina 16 Jan 1891 25Y Boone, IA
Anderson W. H. 23 Jan 1887 46Y Pilot Mound Cemetery
Anthony Bunty M. 19 Jul 1891 11Y, 6M, 20D Boone, IA
Anum Michael E. 03 Mar 1891 16Y Boone, IA
Appleman Fritz 26 May 1889 18Y, 13D Boone, IA
Arnold (Stillborn daughter of C.H.)     Boone, IA - Linwood Park Cemetery
Arnold J. E. 10 Nov 1896 52Y, 8M, 10D Jackson Township - Linwood Park Cemetery
Arthur (Infant of C. D.) 08 Oct 1894 5H Boone, IA - Linwood Park Cemetery
Ashton Mildred Ann 16 Aug 1890 6M Boone, IA
Ashton Palmer 05 Feb 1895 87Y Boone, IA - Belle Plains, IA
Asp Charles Almer 06 Sep 1887 10M Linwood Park Cemetery
Asp Rosa Seselin 23 May 1892 4D Linwood Park Cemetery
Atherton James 27 Apr 1895 59Y Boone, IA - Linwood Park Cemetery
Atwood Mary E. 12 Nov 1887 49Y, 2M Ogden, IA
Auguste Mary 29 Nov 1889 2Y Harrison Township
Aveton Mary 17 Nov 1886 11Y, 7M Linwood Park Cemetery