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Mining Fatalities

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 Name       Date of Death   County     Date of Accident  
Ahlquist, Ed. 1930/11/25 Boone  
Anderson, Andrew 1903/1/17 Boone  
Augustine, John 1917/06/28 Boone  
Benedic, Juni 1910/11/03 Boone  
Berg, John 1925/0220 Boone
Blaske, Jacob/Joseph 1898/05/03 Boone
Blaskovick, Phillip 1945/01/02 Boone
Brooks, G. W. 1917/19/11 Boone
Brozovich, Pete 1943/08/17 Boone
Brunton, John 1899/02/15 Boone
Burton, D. 1929/10/29 Boone
Cavanaugh, John 1906/03/12 Boone
Chandler, Joseph 1930/04/08 Boone
Clark, Peter 1883/08/29 Boone
Crowe, James 1904/07/22 Boone  
Estep,, Earl 1936/02/25 Boone
Fairgrave, John 1896/01/07 Boone
Fisher, Paul 1939/12/11 Boone
Galori, Tony Jr. 1936/08/26 Boone
Genasi, Antonio 1936/04/09 Boone
Goodrich, Ben 1927/01/30 Boone
Hall, William B. 1885/11/02 Boone
Harvey, Alfred1912/09/10Boone
Higby, Perry1908/09/09Boone
Halcomb, Miles1884/10/24Boone
Holmes, George1883/12/05Boone
Huxford, George1918/11/03Boone
Isolini, Natale1933/11/17Boone
Johnson, John A.1898/02/04Boone
Johnson, Swan1899/03/21Boone
Joshlin, H. K. 1909/08/07Boone
Knight, George1934/03/20Boone
Lewis, Emil1894/10/21Boone
Lewis, Lou1913/10/02Boone
Lind, Carl1916/12/18Boone
McClelland, Thomas 1933/07/26Boone
Mendina, Tony1928/09/11Boone
Mingeri, Robert1927/03/08Boone
Peroni, Frank1935/09/06Boone
Quigley, Pat1884Boone
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