Shot His Mother


Published in the Boone News Republican on March 7, 1883


Considerable excitement revailed on our streets Sunday evening about six o'clock, over the report that Mrs. Halstead, night operator at the M. & St. Louis railroad depot, was shot by her little four-year-old son, Robbie.


Upon investigation the local reporter of the Messenger found out that the rumor was true. The particulars of the affair are about as follows: Mrs. Halstead wishing to do some writing requested little Robbie to go to her work basket and get her a lead pencil. The basket also contained, besides other articles, a 22 calibre revolver. Instead of getting the pencil the child picked up the revolver; cocked it and ran toward his mother, discharging the contents into her right side, the ball entering the body below the right breast. It appears that the mother thought as the boy was approaching her, that he held in his hand a small toy pistol that he had been in the habit of playing with around the house.


As soon as word could be sent, doctors S.B. and F.B. Olney visited the patient. A search was made for the ball, but it appeared impossible to locate it. Mrs. Halstead is doing well at present and the physicians are of the opinion that no bad results will follow. Fire arms should be kept out of the reach of children. - Fort Dodge Messenger


The above item was overlooked in our last issue, and we produce it now as the lady is a sister of Mrs. A.G. Anderson, of this city, and Miss Kate Baldwin.


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