Blood Letting


Published in the Boone News Republican on March 7, 1883


A row occurred near Farn Bros., saloon last Wednesday evening in which several persons were cut in a manner cowardly and dangerous. It seems, as near as the facts can be ascertained, the trouble commenced between George Enburg and "Big Charlie". Some of the boys interfered to see "fair play" and had works followed by blows.


Andy Anderson and Andrew Johnson, a Swede known as "Ground-hog Johnson," had a "set to". The boys took sides and in the general melee that followed someone cut and slashed with a knife. Andy Anderson received a clash across the knuckles and Olie Angstrom an ugly cut across the wrist, the knife going to the bone and barley missing the radical artery. Andrew Johnson received the severest injury, consisting of a deep ugly wound across the arm near the shoulder blade of about the same extent, and a deep angular out on the back of the head and neck, besides several small cuts.


The intent of the man who used the knife was bloody. Dr. Green was called at once and dressed and bandaged the wounds. Suspicion points strongly to the man who did the cutting, but as no arrests have been made we at present are not at liberty to give his name. It is to be hoped that he will be arrested, and given the full benefit of the law. The frequent rows and fights that disturb our town are a disgrace to us and should be stopped. - Stratford Register


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