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Boone County Pension List (1883)

Name of Pensioner Post OfficeCause for PensionMonthly RateDate of Original Allowance
Alexander, ArchibaldAngusGun Shot Wound to Right Shoulder/Neck$2.00June, 1882
Anderson, JohnMineral RidgeWar of 1812 Veteran$8.00Sept., 1875
Andrews, SamuelBoone Aphthalmia $4.00 
Ballou, SaunderainBooneGun Shot Wound to Left Hand$4.00Feb., 1882
Bardwell, DavidBooneWound to Right Thigh$4.00 
Barkley, Alonzo J.BooneWound to Right Shoulder$18.00 
Barnes, SusanMoingonaWidow of War of 1812 Veteran$8.00Dec., 1880
Bass, David M.BooneGun Shot Wound to Right Elbow$6.00Mar., 1882
Bates, Phoebe A.MadridWidow$8.00May, 1878
Bauman, ChristianBooneGun Shot Wound to Right Index Finger$3.00Mar., 1880
Beach, MaryBooneMother$8.00Jan., 1874
Bells, Benjamin F.AngusWound to Left Thumb and Index Finger$7.00 
Blunk, MosesZenorsvilleWound to Right Hand$10.00 
Blunk, Samuel C.BooneLoss of Right Arm$18.00 
Boggs, William F.BooneWound to Left Shoulder$8.00 
Boone, SquireBooneWar of 1812 Veteran$8.00Aug., 1879
Bowers, Effingham T.MadridChronic Diarrhea mal. pois & Brain Disease$12.00Apr., 1881
Bowman, JosiahBooneEye Disease$6.00 
Brown, JohnPrairie HillLung Disease$8.00Oct., 1879
Brown, William M.MoingonaGun Shot Wound Left Forearm$1.00Oct., 1880
Bugg, Thomas O.MadridInjury to Abdomen$4.00 
Byrd, Lycurgus F.MoingonaShell Wound to Head$2.00Apr., 1881
Carr, Charles W.BooneLoss of 4th Toe on Right Foot$2.00Dec., 1879
Case, IraBooneRheumatism and Loss of Sight$8.00Oct., 1882
Chambers, James H.BooneWound to Left Hand$14.00 
Chambers, John D.BooneSynovitis in Right Knee$6.00Sept., 1880
Conway, Ann M.BooneWidow$8.00May, 1870
Coon, HezekiahBooneWar of 1812 Veteran$8.00July, 1878
Couch, Daniel B.BooneGun Shot Wound to Abdomen$2.00June, 1881
Cummings, Isaac B.BooneEye Disease$4.00June, 1880
Cunningham, Agnes M.MadridWidow$8.00July, 1869
Da Tar, TheodoreBooneLoss of Right Limb$20.00 
Davis, Louis N.MoingonaDisease of Right Eye$3.00 
Defore, CharlottePilot MoundMother$8.00Nov., 1867
DeHaven, AlpheusOgdenChronic Diarrhea$6.00 
Dixon, James B.BooneChronic Diarrhea and Kidney Disease$4.00Dec., 1881
Dorman, Jedediah S.BooneChildren$18.00Oct., 1882
Dow, Charles E.BooneGun Shot Wound to Left Thigh$8.00Mar., 1878
Dowming, AndrewBooneChronic Diarrhea$17.00June, 1882
Dutton, Edwin P.BooneGun Shot Wound to Left ankle$8.00 
Ebersole, Cynis A.BooneGun Shot Wound to Right Side$8.00 
Evans, AlfredBooneLung Disease$4.00July, 1882
Fargo, William P.AngusWound to Left Thigh$4.00 
Foy, ShaddockBooneWound to Right Shoulder$4.00 
Frinkhouser, ElizabethOgdenWidow of War of 1812 Veteran$8.00Apr., 1879
Gaskill, JamesBooneEye Disease$10.00 
Gildea, ElizabethBooneWidow$8.00Sept., 1869
Gildea, SarahBooneMother$8.00Apr., 1880
Gillett, CartertteBooneWidow$8.00Jan., 1870
Goodniel, Williston W.MadridWound to Right Leg$14.00 
Gulick, JohnMadridWound to Left Lung$8.00 
Haddock, A. H. M.BooneGun Shot Wound to Right Hip and Left Foot$6.00May, 1878
Hall, GustafOgdenNeuralgia$4.00Nov., 1882
Harker, JohnPrairie HillGun Shot Wound to Head$2.00Apr., 1882
Harris, LewisMineral RidgeScurvy and Lameness in Lower Extremities$6.00Dec., 1880
Howell, WilliamBooneGun Shot Wound to Right Foot$2.00 
Hughes, AllenBooneGun Shot Wound to Right Thigh$4.00 
Hull, HannahBooneWidow of War of 1812 Veteran$8.00Jan., 1879
Hurlburt, Johiel B.BooneHeart Disease$4.00Dec., 1882
James, PatrickBooneChronic Diarrhea, Loss of Legs$8.00June, 1881
Johnson, AgustusMadridLoss of Right Forearm$24.00 
Johnson, PeterMineral RidgeLung Disease$8.00Oct., 1880
Jones, LeviOgdenChronic Diarrhea and Kidney Disease$6.00Aug., 1881
Jordan, CornelaisBooneChronic Diarrhea and Bronchitis$4.00Dec., 1882
Kelly, William A.OgdenGun Shot Wound to Left Thigh and Leg$6.00Jan., 1881
Lawbead, JohnBooneInjury to Face, Loss of Sight in Left Eye$4.00Feb., 1881
Mack, Robert P.BooneGun Shot Wound Resulting in Lung Disease$10.00 
McCall, ElizaBooneWidow$8.00Mar., 1868
McCaskey, NancyOgdenWidow of War of 1812 Veteran$8.00Aug., 1879
McDowell, EliotAngusGun Shot Wound to Right Hip$6.00 
McGill, Augustus S.BooneGun Shot Wound to Left Thigh$4.00 
Miller, FrederickPrairie HillGun Shot Wound to Right Forearm$2.00Nov., 1877
Montgomery, MaryBooneWidow of War of 1812 Veteran$8.00Sept., 1880
Morehead, JamesOgdenWound to Right Forearm$4.00 
Myers, William R.BeaverPartial Loss of 1st and 2nd Fingers on Right Hand$6.00Apr., 1881
Newman, John T.BooneKidney Disease$2.00Mar., 1881
Nixon, MaryOgdenWidow$8.00 
Nixon, Richard A.OgdenDeaf Resulting from Typhoid Fever$6.00June, 1882
Noland, NathanielOgdenGun Shot Wound Left arm$4.00 
Nutt, Edward O.OgdenLung Disease$8.00Nov., 1878
Olson, Andrew A.Mineral RidgeGun Shot Wound to Left Thigh$4.00June, 1880
Paine, Benjamin C.BooneWar of 1812 Veteran$8.00Apr., 1879
Patterson, WilliamAngusGun Shot Wound to Right Leg$2.00Feb., 1882
Peterson, John P.Pilot MoundLung Disease$8.00Mar., 1881
Peterson, Lewis P.Pilot MoundChronic Rheumatism, Heart Disease, Children$8.00June, 1882
Peterson, Lewis F.Mineral RidgeInjury to Abdomen, Gun Shot Wound to Left Thigh$4.00 
Phipps, DavidBooneGun Shot Wound to Right Leg$12.00 
Pinney, Nelson A.AngusGun Shot Wound to Left Shoulder and Side$4.00Nov., 1870
Pitman, John S.OgdenGun Shot Wound to Thigh$4.00Apr., 1880
Potter, Robert K.BooneWound to Left Arm$8.00 
Reichenbach, Fred K.BooneGun Shot Wound to Left Knee and Vericose Veins$4.00Jan., 1882
Rhoades, Gidney S.BoonePartial Loss of Left Index Finger$2.00June, 1882
Rice, IsaacOgdenInjury to Back$4.00Aug., 1878
Richardson, HenryPilot MoundInjury to Abdomen$4.00June, 1882
Roberts, MatildaMoingonaWidow of War of 1812 Veteran$8.00June, 1879
Robertson, RobertBooneKidney Disease$4.00Oct., 1881
Schuneman, ClarissaBooneWidow of War of 1812 Veteran$8.00May,1872
Schwab, LesterBooneWidow$8.00June, 1880
Scott, Albert W.BooneDisease of Legs$12.00 
Segrin, JohnPrairie HillDisease of Back and Kidneys$4.00Sept., 1880
Shannon, Robert J.BooneVaricose Veins in Right Leg$11.25Apr., 1881
Simpson, Walter A.BooneParalysis of Arms and Legs$12.00 
Smith, James W.BooneWound to Right Thigh$24.00 
Snyder, Jacob M.OgdenGun Shot Wound to Right Foot$4.00 
Sprague, William H.ZenorsvilleGun Shot Wound to Left Forearm$16.00 
Spurrier, Francis M.OgdenWound to Left Foot$4.00 
Starr, EdgarMackeyGun Shot Wound to Right Thigh$2.00Oct., 1880
Steffy, GeorgeBooneChronic Diarrhea$4.00Feb., 1882
Stephens, Samuel M.BooneGun Shot Wound to Left Heel$2.00Mar., 1878
Stephenson, Evan G.BooneLoss of Sight in Both Eyes$18.00 
Sumstine, WilliamBooneChronic Rheumatism & Heart Disease$8.00Jan., 1881
Thompson, DavidBooneWound to Right Side$4.00 
Timplin, William D.BooneLoss of Left Leg$24.00 
Vaughn, DenisOgdenGun Shot Wound to Left Arm$2.00Dec., 1882
Vestal, Soloman A.MadridEye Disease, Blind$12.00Mar., 1881
Viers, Madison B.BooneGun Shot Wound to Right Chest$6.00June, 1879
Wagoner, HenryBooneGun Shot Wound to Left Arm$4.00 
Waldron, MartinBooneGun Shot Wound to Left Thigh$6.00 
Walker, ElizabethBooneWidow$8.00Nov., 1867
Ware, GeorgeSwede Point War of 1812 Veteran $8.00Jan., 1872
Washburne, Abisha W.BooneKidney Disease$4.00May, 1882
Weaver, William B.BooneGun Shot Wound to Right shoulder$4.00 
Webster, RughBooneMother$8.00Apr., 1881
Wheeler, Julia J.BooneWidow$8.00Aug., 1878
Wheeler, ThomasSwede PointEye Disease$24.00Mar., 1880
White, Jasper N.BooneGun Shot Wound to Back and Left Hand$6.25Feb., 1881
Wien, PeterBooneGun Shot Wound to Right Thigh$6.00Jan., 1882
Williams, MargaretBooneMother$8.00May, 1865
Woods, DavidMadridGun Shot Wound to Right Knee$6.00 
Young, HulbertOgdenRheumatism and Gangrene Left Ankle$10.00 
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