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Civil War Call of Regiments

Company E, 3rd Iowa Infantry  |   Company D, 10th Iowa Infantry  |   Company B, 15th Iowa Infantry
Company D, 16th Iowa Infantry  |   Company D, 32nd Iowa Infantry  |   Company H, 44th Iowa Infantry

Of this call of volunteers only one regiment was required to fill the quota for Iowa. It was issued in Iowa City on April 17. S. B. McCall was the first in the county to engage in recruiting a company. The company was ordered at Keokuk on May 21, 1861 and mustered into service on June 8, 1861 (Company E 3rd Iowa Infantry).

W. P. Berry, assisted by W. J. Wheeler, S. G. Moffatt and William D. Templin, recruited the second regiment. It was ordered into service August 12, 1861 and mustered in at Iowa City the following September (Company D 10th Iowa Infantry).

The third regiment was recruited by C. W. Wilson and I. J. Mitchell. Mr. Mitchell was in poor health and was thought to not enter the service, but elected him draft commissioner of the district. Mr. Wilson became captain of the company and was ordered into service October 19, 1861 and was mustered in at Davenport in January 1862 (Company D 16th Iowa Infantry).

The favorite company was recruited by Dr. DeTarr, R. J. Shannon, and W. L. Defore during the summer of 1862. When the company was ordered into service on August 11, 1862 a large concourse for people from all parts of the county assembled at Boonesboro. The company was mustered in October 1862 (Company D 32nd Iowa Infantry). The resources for men to serve were exhausted and a draft was ordered in all townships of the county. All quotas were met in all townships except in Cass and Pilot Mound Townships.
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