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Boone County Poor Farm

Boone County Poor Farm Records of the Insane

The following information was taken from the book, Boone County Poor Farm Records of the Insane, located in the supervisors office at the Boone County Courthouse and transcribed by Tina Keister in June 2006.

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Adix, Hannah (1951), legal residence Boone, Iowa, admission date: Nov 6, 1951, transferred from Clarinda, John and Dora Adix siblings

Anderson, Christina (1906), Legal residence Boone Co, admission date: June 27, 1906, by authority of Boone Co Insane Commission, transferred from Clarinda, March 11, 1908 taken home by her daughter Mars Sophia Anderson at Ogden to remain there until her death Oct 15, 1911

Anderson, E.P. (1939), admission date: Aug 11, 1939, transferred from Clarinda, Walter Anderson brother, April 5, 1940 discharged and taken to Soldiers Home at Marshalltown by Spanish American Vets

Anderson, George (1954), admission date: March 10, 1954, age 40 yrs, transferred from Clarinda, brother Robert Anderson

Anderson, Mary H. (1937), admission date: July 23, 1937, transferred from Clarinda, brother C H Anderson Ogden, Iowa, died Feb 1942, taken to Odgen buried in Ogden Feb 3, 1942, C H Anderson Ogden, Iowa brother, Jennie Anderson Ogden, Iowa sister

Anderson, Matilda (Tillie) (1925), Legal residence Boone Co, admission date: April 25, 1925, transferred from Clarinda by authority of Boone Co Insane Commission, died July 5, 1932, taken by Welin undertaker by order of Anna F Larson, her sister for burial in Omaha

Anderson, Sophia (1950), admission date: March 21, 1950, transferred from Clarinda, Mrs. Elmer Georgeson, Neb
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