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Boone County Cemeteries

Runyan Cemetery

Runyan Cemetery is located, in Pilot Mound Township, on John Ferrari's land (2006), it's about a quarter to a half mile drive back through the side of a field.

On May 6, 2006, Tina Keister met Chelley Clark, her daughter, and son at the church in Pilot Mound, Iowa. They traveled east on E 18 about two miles to J Ave and turned south on the dead end road that took them to John Ferrari's home. From there Mr. Ferrari drove them out to the Runyan Family Plot.

They first took clippers and side cutters and removed some brush. Then the weed eater was used to mow down the tall weeds and remove the extra brush. Racks were used to pull most of the tall grass and brush away from the area.

We stared to locate graves, and stones. From other Runyan descendents we knew that there were possibly 7-12 graves. We gathered up the stones and placed them so we knew where they came from. There were two stones that were mostly covered. We carefully dug around them and brought them up to dry. We started with the middle row. We found one stone that was so badly deteriated that we placed it right below the rest of the stone that it belongs to, placed cement on top of it and placed the remaining part of the stone on top of it. All that can be seen if the last part of what looks like a date on it and a leaf, we don't know who the stone belongs to.

In the same row is E. J., wife of A. J. Runyan, we believe that this is Elizabeth wife of Andrew Runyan. Her stone is second in the row. Next to her is Andrew Runyan. On the east of this row are two small stones. We do not know who these belong to. On the west side of the middle row we found Peter Runyan. His stones just has the initials of P. R. on it. There was another stone that was mostly covered over with dirt and grass, we carefully dug around this stone and found it to be Mary, wife of Peter Runyan. Her stone is very large. This stone is very neat. It has what looks like roses or flowers on either side of a open bible with another of the same kind of flower on top of the bible.

In all 8 stones were set and restored. Lots of pictures were taken of the stones and the full family plot.

GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 42.17500, Longitude: -94.00150

Name Birth Death Age Notes
Harass, William W. 01 Jan 1803 08 Apr 1882 79Y, 3M, 7D * Burial found in death records
Runyan, Andrew J. 21 Dec 1827 09 May 1884 56Y, 4M, 18D Husband of Elizabeth McBride
Runyan, Elizabeth J. (McBride) 19 Feb 1830 08 Mar 1890 60Y, 17D Wife of Andrew Runyan
Runyan, Mary (Crum) 21 Jan 1791 07 Nov 1857 66Y, 9M, 17D Wife of Peter Runyan
Runyan, Peter 19 May 1787 10 Dec 1871 84Y, 6M, 21D Husband of Mary Crum
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