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Boone Co. Cemetery Addresses

From Boone Co GIS - Physical Addresses of Cemeteries

Cemetery Name Township Deed Holder Location City
Bass Point Des Moines Des Moines Twp Cemetery Lot 767 Monarch Drive Boone
Beaver Beaver Pleasant Hill Cemetery 1216 B Ave Beaver
Biblical College Des Moines 1130 Montana Rd Boone
Bluff Creek Yell 906 J Ave Boone
Boone Co. Farm Dodge Boone Co. 351 Nature Rd Boone
Boone Memorial Gardens Des Moines Boone Memorial Gardens 1127 Montana Rd. Boone
Cass/Liberty Cass 1408 31th St Woodward
Cassell/ Lutheran Home Douglas Cassell/ Lutheran Home 334th St Madrid
David Peoples Peoples Cem Lot 751 300th St. Ogden
Delander/ Cole/ Elk Rapids Douglas Cemetery Lot Fairview 1624 316th Ln Madrid
Dunkard/ Olive Branch Colfax Church Lot 1404 W Ave Ames
Fairview Union Fairview Methodist Church & Cem 2161 Deer Ave Perry
Fairview Douglas 1715 315th St Madrid
Garden Prairie Garden 2052 290th St Madrid
Glenwood Marcy Ogen Town 618 219th St Ogden
Grace Episcopal Des Moines Grace Episcopal Church 707 8th St Boone
Grand Ridge Amaqua Pleasant Hill 247 190th St. Ogden
Hickory Grove Yell Cemetery Lot 697 L Ave Boone
Hillsdale/ Swede Point Garden Cem Lot / Swanson Brothers Inc. 1971 330th St Madrid
Holloway Cemetery Marcy School / Cem 1361 L Ave Boone
Hull / Meadow Grove Marcy Cemetery Lot 1735 Peach Ave Madrid
Latham in McHose Park Des Moines Grace Comm. Church 427 Park Access Boone
Leininger Dodge Dodge Twp Cem Lot AKA 419 R Ave Boone
Linn Owen Pilot Mound Linn Cemetery 827 105th St Pilot Mound
Linwood Park Des Moines City of Boone, Brd Park Comm 609 Forest Ave Boone
Mass/Zion Lutheran Amaqua Pleasant Hill Cem 524 180th St Boone
Mackey Harrison Mackey Methodist Church Cem 290 V St Story City
Maple Grove Lutheran Amaqua Pleasant Hill Cem 892 E Ave Ogden
Milton Lott Yell Leaf Road Boone
Mineral Ridge Dodge Ridgeport Cemetery 1223 125th St Boone
Mitchell / Mitchell Grove Jackson 617 V Ave Boone
Moore Union Wilkening, Steven R 2290 Devin Pl Perry
Mt. Hope Doughlas Mount Hope Cemetery 2389 S Ave Madrid
Oakwood Marcy   1314 Moingona Rd Boone
Peoples Peoples Peoples Township 2068 J Ave Woodward
Pilot Mound /Bethel Owen Pilot Mound Pilot Mound Cem 321 H Ave Pilot Mound
Pleasant Hill Marcy Tingwald, Joan 1726 L Ave Boone
Prairie Lawn/ Grant Grant Lawn Cem 221 E Ave Pilot Mound
Quincy Marcy 1098 240th St Boone
Renner Grant Church & Cem 497 C Ave Ogden
Rose Hill Yell Rosehill Cem 1173 Laurel Ln Madrid
Rose Hill / Clark Colfax Rosehill Cem 1772 U Ave Madrid
Runyan Pilot Mound Linn Cem aka 396 J Ave Pilot Mound
Sacred Heart Des Moines Church of the Sacred Heart 1103 Montana Rd Boone
Schlicht Worth Linn Cem aka 903 150th St Pilot Mound
Sparks Marcy Cem Lot 1259 265th Ln Boone
Squire Boone Worth Erb, Donald L. 1439 Quill Ave Boone
St. Johns Catholic / Mt. Olive Marcy 636 219th St Ogden
St. Paul's Lutheran Harrison German Luth Church & Cem 295 Spruce Ln Boone
St. Peter's & Paul's Catholic Harrison Harrison Twp Board of Trustees 2347 150th St Ames
Swede Valley Lutheran Marcy Swede Valley Cem Assoc. 1617 H. St Ogden
Union-Moerke Grant Cemetery Lot 508 E Ave Ogden
White Dodge 234 L Rd Boone
Woodmeadow Cass State of Iowa Cedar St. Woodward
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