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Boone County Cemeteries

Linwood Park Cemetery (V)

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The following is a partial listing of burials. In some cases a gravestone could not be found for some individuals listed in the cemetery records and in death records. In the "Gravestone" column, NS = No Stone, CR = Cemetery Record, DR = Death Record.

Last Name First Name Birth Death Section Burial Gravestone Notes
Uehling Theodore 14 Jul 1899 20 Jan 1989 A      
Uhlig Rosemary   Oct 1918 BL      
Uhobraeck Lena 28 Feb 1833 30 Jul 1893     NS, DR 60Y, 5M
Uhrbock Henry 23 Jan 1828 05 Sep 1901 ST2      
Uhrbock Magdalina 17 Feb 1833 28 Jul 1893 ST2      
Ullberg John F. 14 Dec 1824 07 Sep 1896     NS, DR 71Y, 8M, 24D
Ulmer James     W2      
Underwood Infant Male 15 Jul 1892 15 Jul 1892     NS, DR  
Updegraff Charles Lewis 1887 1963 A      
Updegraff Joyce Lenore Oct 1923 09 Jun 1924 A      
Updegraff Margaret (Rice) 08 Jan 1894 Jul 1969 A 10 Jul 1929    
Upham Infant       NS, CR  
Upham Mina B. 1883 1950 J      
Upham Newell L. 1885 1955 J      
Uthe Grace 19 Apr 1915 Dec 1985 G4      
Uthe Joseph A. 1917   G4      
Uthe Mary 20 Feb 1832 20 Aug 1897     NS, DR 65Y, 6M
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