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Jemima Grigsby

Jemima Grigsby was born in Guernsey County, Ohio on June 2, 1836, the daughter of Edward and Elinor Grigsby. She married John Barrick born in 1832 in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania.

Jemima and John were parents of seven children: Simon, Martin, Calvin, Marion, Irving (Jim), Elmer, and Emmery. Simon was born December 4, 1854, in Monmouth, Illinois, and married Mollie Hively. They made their home in Madrid, and were the parents of John, Lily, and Gerome. Martin Barrick married Sarah Hunt, and they were the parents of children: Marion, Ralph, Bert, and Lottie. Calvin married 1.) Miss Miller; 2.) Mary Lee Riley (who died from injuries received in a tornado); and 3.) Ora Cox. He was the father of children Avise, Grace, Bert, Marion, and Jim, and made his home in the Mason City, Iowa, area. Marion Barrick died before reaching adulthood, as did his brother, Elmer. Irving moved to Minnesota, and was the father of children Roy, Maude, Hugh, and Mabel. Emmery married Lulu Ingersoll, and was the father of one son, Elmer. Lulu became insane, and the child was raised by Mr. and Mrs. Dave Stevens. When he reached his adulthood, he moved to Montana, where he was murdered. Elmer was the father of four or five children.

Jemima subsequently married John Coffman, and to this second marriage were born three children. They were May, born September 4, 1870, Charles, born November 21, 1872, and Ora. May married Ewing Warden on January 19, 1888, and they made their home in Gowrie. Their children were: Earl, Everett, Lloyd, Leland, Pearl, and Millie. Charles Coffman married Mate Stevens on July 13, 1890. They were the parents of two children: Dora (Mrs Bert Sutton, of Cambridge) and Orma (who married Nell Simpson). Ora married John Doughterty, and later, a Mr. Smith. Ora was the mother of children Hugh, Blanch, and Mary.

Jemima Grigsby Barrick Coffman married William Dickey on June 18, 1884. This was her third marriage, and no children were born to their union. Mr. Dickey died February 8, 1932. Jemima died June 29, 1911.

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