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John H. Grigsby Family

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John H. Grigsby, was born in Wayne County, Pennsylvania February 14, 1826, the son of Edward and Elinor Grigsby. He settled in the Madrid, Iowa area in May, 1853, near the present site of the United Brethren Church, southeast of Madrid. His wife, Susanna Warden, born June 21, 1831, and two children, Maira and Margaret, accompanied him on his move from Pennsylvania, as did Susanna's parents and family.

Maira S. was born January 24, 1850, and subsequently married Raffield Rutherford. Their family lived in Iowa, Kansas, and North Dakota. Their children were: Mary, John, Bertha, Warren, Lily, Josie, Ora, and twins, Jennie and Jay.

Margaret Ann, was born August 24, 1851, and married Warren Orton. Two sons were born to this marriage: Edward, born October 9, 1867, and died October 24, 1867, and an infant son who, with his mother, died during childbirth June 24, 1870. Two sons were born to John H. and Susanna after their arrival in the Madrid area. They were: George W., born April 8, 1853, and died October 11, 1853; and Daniel P. Daniel was born October 11, 1855, and subsequently married Francis S. Lee. Daniel and Francis were the parents of four sons and one daughter. Son, M.M. Grigsby died December 12, 1881. Son, Robert A., born January 12, 1883, married Anna Malva Drake, and became a Methodist minister. Son, Fred, married Delia Barrett, and they were the parents of one daughter, RoseMary. Son, Elwin, married Freda Daymude, and they were the parents of one daughter, Joy Mae. Daughter, Cora, born October 12, 1883, married Will Jacobs, and they were the parents of four sons: LaVerne, Doyl, Darrel, and Marrel.

Susanna Warden Grigsby died October 15, 1857, succumbing to another epidemic of typhoid. She was 26 years old.

On September 2, 1858, John H. married Nancy Jane Wolgamott, a 17-year-old German girl, who came to this area from Liberty, Guernsey County, Ohio. John H. and Nancy Jane were the parents of 13 children: Ora B.; David W.; Miranda P.; Cornelius V.; John E.; Ulysses Grant; Edward W.; Jennie; Everett; Robert; Otho C; Hattie; and Bessie.

Ora B. Grigsby, born October 22, 1859, married Joe Bolle. To their marriage were born three children: Ida (born May 29, 1883), who married Oscar Beighler, and was the mother of sons Eugene, Carol, and Edward; Edna (born September 22, 1885), who married Will Provolt, and was the mother of children Helen, Hubert, and Garald; and Earl (born Nov. 19, 1890), who married Ella Drake, and was the father of Marjorie Bolle Erickson. Marjorie married Forest Erickson, and was the mother of sons Lloyd, Wayne, and Stanley.

David W. Grigsby, born September 9, 1861, married Agnes Parmeter. Their children were Edna, born September 10, 1883, and Rollo, born July 24, 1891. Edna married Will Swanson, and was the mother of one daughter, Jeannette Swanson Caldwell. Rollo married Ross Stover, and they were the parents of Agnes; Leone and David Lyle (twins); Donald; Junella; Drexel; and Geraldene. Agnes Parmeter Grigsby died in 1894, and David married Emma Allen, in 1896.

Miranda P. Grigsby, born November 29, 1863, married John Mclntire, and they were the parents of one son, David Franklin, who was born September 11, 1881, and died October 2, 1881, and three daughters: Hattie Jane, born January 30, 1884, and who married Franklin Schoff; Edith Bell, born September 15, 1887, and who married John (Jack) L. Hook; and Bessie Pearl, born July 27, 1890, who married J. Clinton Snider. Bessie was the mother of children Garald, Winnefred, and Dorothy.

Cornelius V. Grigsby was born October 29, 1865, and married Linnie Parmeter. They had no children. John E. Grigsby, was born September 26, 1867. He married Cornelia Taylor. They were the parents of daughters, Margaret Irene, and Catherine Ileen. Margaret Irene was born January 9, 1912, and married Lester A. Indlecoffer. They were the parents of Adrienne Rose, who married David Fry, and John Stanley. The Frys live in Bloomington, Illinois, and are the parents of four children. John Stanley died May 23, 1976, at the age of 30, leaving a wife, Vicki, and three sons, Jeffrey, Gregory, and Bradley. Catherine Ileen was born October 8, 1913, and married Robert Learning on December 26, 1933. Robert died April 17, 1936, and Catherine later married Jack W. Criner. The Criners reside in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Ulysses Grant Grigsby was born on December 25, 1869. He married Mattie Bryant, and was a medical doctor in Perry, Iowa. Their children were: Defere, Stanley and Virgil. Defere married Mildred Smith and later Katherine Lipton. Stanley died in the U.S. Navy. Virgil married Lucian Osborne.

Edward W. Grigsby was born February 3, 1872. Also a medical doctor, Edward married Libbie Garlock. They had one daughter, Winnefred, born May 29, 1902. She married Gordon Sandsberry, and they made their home in Hollywood, California. The Sandsberrys were parents of one son, James Edward, born October 15, 1932.

Jennie Grigsby, born September 3, 1874, married medical doctor Frederick Moench. They had two sons, G. Frederick and Edward, and a daughter, Kathryn, born April 18, 1907. G. Frederick, born in February, 1899, was also a medical doctor, and he and his wile, True, made their home in Mt. Victory, Ohio. They had two sons, James and Cornelius, and a daughter, Rose Marie. Edward, born April 17, 1901, like his brother and father, became a medical doctor. Everett Grigsby was born August 3, 1876. He married Mertle Houser, and they moved to East Moline, Illinois to make their home. They had five children: May, who died at 18; Fern, born December 29, 1910, who married Bernard Ruberg; a baby who died in infancy; Dorothy, born July 16, 1915, and who married Russell E. Collier; and Ruth, also deceased. Mertle died in 1926, and Everett subsequently married Stella Spangler, who also predeceased him. He married Vera, his third wife, and to their marriage was born one daughter, Deloris, who is now Deloris Killian, of Moline, Illinois.

Robert Grigsby, born August 1, 1877, died October 17, 1877, at the age of two months.

Otho C. Grigsby, born September 1, 1878, married Alice Provolt. They made their home in Granger, Iowa, and were the parents of two children: Myrl, born October 26, 1904, and Vera, born July 23, 1917. Vera married Alan Kenison of Madrid.

Hattie Grigsby was born December 23, 1880, and died October 12, 1881, at the age of 9 months, 19 days.

Bessie Grigsby was born September 10, 1882, and died September 8, 1888, at the age of five years. Nancy Jane Wolgamott Grigsby died from diabetes in her home on September 3, 1909. She was 67 years old. Father, John H. Grigsby, died from an apparent heart attack on February 7, 1911, at the age of 85. He had been shoveling snow, and was found leaning against the fence at his home in Madrid.

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