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George Washington Grigsby Family

George Washington Grigsby was born in Guernsey County, Ohio, January 26, 1828, the son of Edward and Elinor Grigsby. It is believed that he came to Polk County, Iowa, in 1852, with his brother, John H. Grigsby, and his brother's family; however, he may have come with his mother, sister Katarine, and married brother Cornelius in 1854.

George Washington married Mary Rutherford, who was born April 6, 1841. They were married June, 1861, at the Mark Rutherford home, and resided on a farm northwest of the John H. Grigsby home, just across the road from the John E. Grigsby home.

The George Grigsbys had one daughter, Katie Maranda, born June 19, 1862. Katie Maranda married William Schaal on June 19, 1884, and they made their home in the Polk City, Iowa, area. To their marriage were born: Georgia I. (born April 28, 1885, married Carl C. Marts); Franc A. (born April 7, 1887, married Herb A. Hunt); Ronald G. (born August 17, 1890); Helen (born March 21, 1893, married Roscoe Beighler); J. Adam (born February 17, 1896, married Georgia Gorman); Howard (born July 31, 1901, married Winnefred Brendel); and Carroll (born April 1, 1904, who married Ermyle White).

When Katie Maranda was only about three months old, George Washington Grigsby went to the Civil War. He was a private, and was wounded near Vicksburg in June 1863. He was on a furlough, coming home, when he died July 14, 1863, on a hospital steamer bound for Memphis. He was buried in Helena, Arkansas at the age of 35.

Mary Rutherford Grigsby later married Leonard Small, and to this union one child, Bert, was born on November 16, 1872. Bert married Florence Crabtree, and they made their home north of Polk City, Iowa. Bert and Florence were parents of Esther (who married Gust Wilen), Leonard, Frank, Alma (who married William Smith), Mabel (who married Allen Clark), and Clarence.

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