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Nelson Erickson Family

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Nelson and Bertha Erickson and their son, Erick, age 16, came to the United States in 1868 from Nassbo, Sweden. They purchased a farm in Garden Township in 1879. However, Nelson did not live long enough to enjoy the farm, dying later that same year. Bertha died in 1897. Son, Erick, married Lottie Peterson, of Geno, Nebraska in 1888, and to this union were born four children: John, Willie, Anna, and Forrest. Forrest and his wife, Marjorie, had three sons: Lloyd, Wayne, and Stanley. Anna had one daughter, Ina Gilliam Carlson. There are 15 great-grandchildren and 13 great-great-grandchildren.

A few years after Nelson and Bertha arrived in the U.S., and before they purchased their farm, they received a letter from friends in Sweden, trying to disuade them from staying in their newly-adopted country. It reads:

"In Sweden, we read about the terrible things that are happening in America, the Indians, and their scalping knives. In Sweden God will take care of you. In Sweden, they don't have crazy people. The Swedes work hard for their daily bread; they work in the woods, and they are putting a railroad through the forest and the hills. There is plenty of work, but not much money. The rye crop was a good one, and received a good price. In Sweden people don't go hungry on the farms. Farmers have to work hard, but there is plenty to eat. Should you come back to Sweden and home again to your friends, we would welcome you back."

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