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Peter A. Engwall was born in Nassbo, Sweden, on August 20, 1878. Hedvig Engwall was born October 11, 1880, in Lovkaga, Rehn, Sweden. She came to live with her Uncle Martin Emberg, near Slater, at the age of 12. She visited Sweden in 1901, and it was there that she met Peter. A year later, she returned to Des Moines, where she had worked before leaving to visit Sweden. A few months later, Peter came to the states. (His name was Per August Olsson then). He told that he saw so many mailboxes with the name of Olson on them, that he changed his name to Engval, meaning "Meadow and Vale." So, he Americanized his name to Peter A. Engwall.

Peter and Hedvig were married in Des Moines on December 17, 1902, and both lived to celebrate their 68th wedding anniversary.

In 1904, her uncle offered the family a beef, and they set up a meat market in Sheldahl. Around 1908, the family moved to Madrid, where they continued living until 1918, when Peter sold his meat market to Herman Perrier. At that time, the family moved to a farm northeast of Willmar, Minnesota.

The family attended church in the Swedish Mission, now the Evangelical Free Church.

Peter and Hedvig had seven children, six of whom are still living. They are Elsie Balke, Arvid Engwall, Alpha Kraganbring, Elna Croonquist, Carl Engwall, J. Fredrick Engwall, and Lillian Doty.

Elsie was born September 4, 1903, in Des Moines, and presently makes her home in the Willmar, Minnesota area.

Arvid was born June 29, 1905, in Sheldahl, and lives in Spicer.

Alpha was born September 22, 1907, also in Sheldahl, and lives in Atwater. Elna, born August 27, 1909, was born in Madrid, and died December 20, 1969. Carl, born February 18, 1912, also makes his home in Spicer. J. Fredrick, born February 7, 1914, lives in Hope, Idaho. Lillian, born February 3, 1916, makes her home in Spicer.

Elsie remembers fondly her schoolgirl days, with Edith Norris as her Fifth Grade teacher, and Edna Mason as her Sixth Grade teacher. She also reminisces about church picnics held in the large grove west of Madrid, and "Big Ole" Olson, the police officer, for whom everyone had respect.

Peter died January 3, 1971, at the age of 92, and Hedvig died February 7, of the same year, at the age of 90.

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