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William and Garnet Daugherty

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William Oliver Daugherty, was born August 19, 1907, and came to the Zookspur, Iowa, area from Ladsdale, Iowa at the age of 19, in order to work in the Zookspur Coal Mine. He worked there from 1926 until it closed, and afterwards, was employed at No. 4 Mine in Madrid. Garnet Gibbons Daugherty was born January 3, 1908, in Valley Junction, Iowa, and moved with her famiy to Zookspur in 1910. Her parents were Franklin Albert "Friday" and Mame Gibbons, and her grandparents (who also lived in Zookspur) were Thomas and Hannah Gibbons. Garnet married William in 1927, and they made their first home in Zookspur as well.

While the family lived in Zookspur, two children were born. Kenneth, born November 3, 1927, now resides in Newton, Iowa. He married the former Marion Reynoldson, and they have three children. Kenneth is Superintendent of the Riverview Release Center in Newton. Merlin, born May 30, 1933, died at three months, on August 15.

After the family moved to Madrid, four more children were born: William, Merrill and Marilyn, and Leora.

William Daugherty, born April 16, 1930, resides in Ralston, Nebraska. He married the former Dorothy Canfield, of Sheldahl, and they have four children. William is a computer salesman.

Merrill, born July 24, 1934, resides in Madrid, and is presently the manager of the Iowa Liquor Store here.

Marilyn Daugherty Swensen, also born July 24, 1934, resides in Fort Dodge. She and her husband, Don, have three children, and Marilyn is Director and teacher for the Community Christian Schools in Fort Dodge.

Leora Daugherty Sowder, born February 6, 1938, also makes her home here in Madrid. She and her husband, Marvin, have four children. Leora is an engineer for Northwestern Bell Telephone Company in Des Moines.

All of the Daugherty boys have served their country in the Armed Forces. Kenneth served in the U.S. Navy; William, the Air Force; and Merrill, the U.S. Army. All of the children grew up in Madrid, and are graduates of Madrid High School.

After William's death in 1939, Garnet raised her family alone. In 1959, she married Charles W. Cope, and they continue to reside in their home in South Main Street, here in Madrid. Garnet has lived in Madrid for 51 years.

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