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Sven Dalander

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Sven Eriksson (Dalander) was born in Stockeby, Ostra Tollstad Parrish, Ostergotland, Sweden, on May 17, 1828. His parents were Erik Eriksson and Anna Larsdotter (Dalander). Sven died on July 20, 1888, and was buried in Dalander Cemetery.

On April 22, 1854, Sven married Christina Anderson. She was born in Malexander Parish, Ostergotland, Sweden, on August 27, 1834. She was the daughter of Anders Carlson and his first wife, Stina Olafsdotter. Christina died on June 22,1924 in Madrid, and was buried June 25, in Dalander Cemetery.

Sven grew up in Sweden. He was living in Egeby, Vasterlosa Parish, Ostergotland, at the time he received his passport to emigrate on May 15, 1846. Sven accompanied his mother in her party of over 40 people who moved to America. They arrived in New York from Goteborg, Sweden, on the "Augusta" on August 12, 1846, and proceeded by water routes to Keokuk, Iowa. From there, they traveled overland along the Des Moines River Valley, searching for a Peter Cassel settlement, and ended up in southern Boone County, where they established Swede Point.

The first deed on record for Boone County was for Sven and his brothers, Erik and Lars Peter. This deed was for the Northeast Quarter of Section 35 of what is now Douglas Township. Sven also was in various businesses with his brothers, Erik and Andrew John, and brother-in-law, Carl Johan Cassel. They built the first lumber mill in Swede Point in 1855, and operated it about two years. In 1857, they built the first steam flouring mill in the county, which they operated for approximately ten years. It was sold and moved to Boone in 1868.

Up until 1867, Sven and Christina lived in Swede Point. At that time, they moved to their farm just west of town, where Sven farmed 160 acres. Sven and Christina were charter members of St. John's Lutheran Church of Madrid, when the congregation was organized on October 18, 1859. According to the 1856 census, Sven had become a naturalized citizen.

Their children were:

1. Mathilda Dalander, born April 28, 1855, in Swede Point, and died December 24, 1936, in Douglas Township; unmarried.

2. Amanda Dalander, born Swede Point October 19, 1857; died December 26, 1942; married John Peterson.

3. Isaac Dalander, born Swede Point December 19, 1859; died February 26, 1885; married Matilda Sundberg.

4. Anders Erik Dalander, born Swede Point August 8, 1862; died March 3, 1866; unmarried.

5. Anna Christina Dalander, born Swede Point March 26, 1865; died Madrid July 29, 1942; unmarried 6. Swen Peter Dalander, born Swede Point August 7, 1867; died May 30, 1898; unmarried.

7. Emma Caroline Dalander, born Swede Point March 27, 1870; died Madrid November 3, 1950; unmarried.

8. Maria Ulrika Dalander, born Swede Point July 23, 1873; died Des Moines March 24, 1949; unmarried.

9. Clara Esther Dalander, born Swede Point October 29, 1875; died April 8, 1955; married John Eric Johnson.

10. John Milton Dalander, born Swede Point May 28, 1881; died Denver, Colorado October 23, 1976; married Dola M. Hallgren.

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