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Donna Carlson Crabtree and Marvin Crabtree

Donna Ruth Carlson, the fifth, and youngest daughter of Oscar and Grace Carlson, was born July 14, 1936, on the Jonas Soderlund farm, near Madrid. She was married to Marvin Crabtree on August 21, 1954. Marvin, born on the Walter Hull farm, near Woodward, on February 3, 1937, is the son of Harold and Cathryn Page Crabtree.

The Crabtrees are parents of four children: Deanna Lee; Michael Alan; Craig Marvin; and Yvonne Marie. Deanna Lee, born December 17, 1954, attended the United Community Schools, and is married to Robin Kudrna, the son of Charles and Marje Kudrna, of Wayne, Nebraska. They were married August 27, 1977, and have two children: Michael Alan, born March 8, 1979, in Illinois; and Shonelle Diane, born February 12, 1981, in Boone. The Kudrnas live in Boone.

Michael Alan Crabtree was born November 12, 1956, and passed away March 13, 1976. He attended United Community Schools.

Craig Marvin Crabtree was born November 11, 1959. He attended the United Community School, and now lives in Ames.

Yvonne Marie Crabtree was born March 13, 1961. On June 6, 1981, she was married to Brian Sprecher. Brian, the son of Larry and Marlyn Sprecher, of Madrid, was born April 5, 1960. Both Mr. and Mrs. Sprecher attended the United Community School, and they now live in Luther.

Marvin and Donna Crabtree have lived all of their lives in the Madrid area.

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