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Jons Jonas) Check

Jons (Jonas) Check was born January 10, 1840, in Onnestad Parish, Kristianstad, Sweden. He and his wife, Hannah, born August 31, 1841, in Ignaberga Parish, were married January 10, 1864. Together with their son, Axel and Jons' mother, Hannah Persson, they immigrated to the U.S. in 1868. Shortly after their arrival in Madrid, a son, Anton, was born, and later, a third son, John.

The name "Check" was an anglicized spelling of a Swedish army name which Jons kept after his discharge. The family first rented the present John Swanson farm, where Anton was born. Later, they rented the Lebo (now Pearl Gordon) farm, also in Garden township, and lived at the old building site northeast of the present one. In 1878, they purchased the 160 acres across the road south (now belonging to Max Holmes). The boys continued to attend Garden Center School (Anton through the fifth grade).

In 1899, Jonas sold the north 80 for $75 per acre to Anton, and purchased 40 acres from the Oberg farm adjoining on the south. In 1904, Jonas sold the south 120 acres to Anton for $60 per acre, and purchased the 120 acres adjoining on the east (now Jim Poling), and retired to a home in Madrid, on east First Street (now the Gary Carlson home). Hannah passed away on April 10, 1904. Jonas sold the east farm to Pete Swanson (Herman and Violet's father) in 1906.

Mr. Check visited Sweden on four occasions after his retirement, but his permanent residence remained in Madrid, later with August Bengtson, and still later, with the Emil Seabergs, until his death on March 4, 1917.

His Mother, born February 11, 1812, in Serby Parish, passed away August 2, 1888, and is also buried in Hillsdale Cemetery.

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