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Anton E. Check

Anton E. Check, son of Jonas and Hannah Check, was born September 15, 1868, near Madrid, shortly after his parents' arrival from Sweden. He and Matilda (Tilda) Johnson, daughter of Lyman and Eva Johnson, were married May 21, 1890, in the old house on the present John Swanson farm, in Garden Township, in the same room in which Anton was born. Tilda was born August 6, 1873, in Lee County, Iowa, in or near Keokuk.

After their marriage, the couple rented the Oberg Farm (now Kenneth Williams). After two years, they rented the "Big Creek," or "Garden Center" 80 acres on the north side of the section from Anton's father. In 1899, they purchased that 80 acres for $75 per acre. In 1904, Anton purchased the adjoining 120 acres (now Max Holmes) from Jonas for $60 per acre, and moved the family and barn over there. The north-80 house was sold, and now is on the Todd farm, west of the Garden Prairie Church. The house on the home place then consisted of two rooms down, and one room upstairs. Anton remodeled it by the addition of the north wing, and the kitchen on the east. This farm is described in the 1914 Boone County History.

The Checks had four children: Arthur, born July 28, 1891; Blanche (Mrs. Ralph Crary - Mrs. O. B. Kenison) born September 9, 1892; Lloyd, born March 15, 1900; and Ada (Mrs. Russell Westerstrom), born April 20, 1908.

In 1920, Anton sold the farm and purchased the Lewis Peterson 80, where Arthur and his new wife moved (now Earl Check), and the Gust Johnson 80 (now K. E. Check). In 1922, Anton moved to a home on East First Street (now Nello Battani) in Madrid, and operated a county maintainer for three years. In or about 1925, he and Carl Lundahl formed a grain buying partnership, known as the Lundahl and Check Elevator. This partnership continued until shortly before Tilda passed away (in Denver, Colorado, May 14, 1936).

Anton thereafter made his home with his daughter, Blanche in Santa Barbara, California, in the winter, and with sons, Arthur and Lloyd in the summer, until after World War II, when he established residence at the Madrid Home for the Aging. In 1947, he and Janet Rogers Hamilton were married, and they lived at her house on East Sixth Street until his death November 5, 1960. Janet passed away in 1975.

The Checks attended the Garden Prairie Church, and later the Madrid Methodist Church. Surviving children are Lloyd, of Madrid, and Ada, of Atlanta, Georgia.

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