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Arthur A. Check

Arthur A. Check, son of Anton E. and Matilda (Johnson) Check, was born July 28, 1891, on the Ida Oberg farm in Garden Township (now Kenneth Williams). Two years later, his parents moved to the north side of the section, and in 1904, to the west side (now Max Holmes). He finished his last year of school at Garden Center (7th grade) at age 17. His wife, Eleonora Catherina Ullrica Cassel (Ella), daughter of John A. and Johanna Cassel, was born April 30, 1894, in Douglas Township on the Eva Dalander (now Harlin Keigley) farm. They were married February 25, 1920, and rented the 80 acre Lewis Peterson farm, purchased that year by Anton and the next year by Arthur (now Earl Check farm), where they spent the rest of their lives, until requiring nursing care at the Madrid Home.

Arthur served in the infantry in World War I and acquired some vivid memories of nothing to eat after a day's march, of finding a German soldier asleep in a haystack, the smell of mustard gas, and the sound of German machine guns. But his most memorable experience was marching through Luxembourg City at attention, shortly after the Armistice was signed, and, out of the corner of his eye, seeing top hats thrown into the air, while crowds cheered.

In addition to farming, Arthur broke and traded draft horses. On rainy days, he sometimes traveled many miles looking for "sound," young, gentle horses, which could be broke and matched for size and color and made into a more valuable team. Many a good horse was not purchased, because a difference of $5 or less could not be "split."

They were active members of St. John's Lutheran Church, where Ella sang solos from the age of nine. Ella loved flowers and tried to start a new flower each spring. Their four children were: Beth (Mrs. Carl Proescholdt), born May 13, 1922; Ralph, born May 13, 1925; Earl, born March 24, 1932; and Merrill, born November 5, 1933; and who attended the Garden Center School, until it closed in 1946.

Ella passed away December 22, 1971, at the Madrid Home for the Aging, as did Arthur, on April 12, 1974.

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