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Carl Magnus and Maria Asplund Berg

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Carl Magnus Berg emigrated from Laggasen, Gustaf Adolf's Parish, Varmland, Sweden, in 1881, at the age of 30, leaving behind his wife and their small children. The following year, March, 1882, his wife, Maria Asplund Berg, left Sweden with the three children: Hildegard Maria, age 5; Alfrida Martina, age 3; and Karl Aron, age 21 months. They were accompanied by Carl's 16-year-old brother, Herman. At that time, immigrants to the U.S.A. were admitted at Castle Garden, at the Battery, New York. In 1892, the numbers increased so greatly that the larger Ellis Island was used.

Carl and Maria left behind their parents and many brothers and sisters, and never returned.

The family first settled in Des Moines, Iowa, where Carl's brother, Emanuel, was minister of a Swedish Evangelical Church. After living there about a year, the family moved to Dakota Territory. Here, on March 19, 1889, Carl took the oath as a naturalized citizen, and his name was shown as Charles M. Berg, first name later changed to Carl. They also lived in Minnesota a while. Three more children were born to the marriage: Joseph Emanuel, Selma Lydia (who died in Madrid at the age of 12), and David George.

About 1891, the family moved to Madrid. Mr. Berg opened a tailoring business, later employing a Mr. Sanders, from Boone, as a tailor. Carl remained in that business and in Madrid until his death on November 14, 1920. His oldest son, Charles, joined him in the shop after his graduation from Madrid High School. The shop was located at 219 West Second Street, which presently houses Martin's Antiques.

In February, 1899, Mr. Berg was certified as a Minister of the Gospel by the officers of the Swedish Free Mission Church at Madrid, Edward Anderson, and P. A. Bengtson.

The family home was at 201 North Locust Street (now 211). This house was purchased from A. M. Sundberg, and at one time had been a stopping place for the stage coaches on the "Old State Road."

After her husband's death, Mrs. Berg continued living in Madrid for several years. Then, in her later years, she lived in Des Moines, where she died January, 1941, at the age of 94. Hildegarde, the oldest daughter, married W. B. Ford, blacksmith of Madrid, and later moved to Des Moines. Alfrida married Charles Soderstrom, a farmer near Madrid. Charles married Emma M. Walrath of Madrid, and they lived in town until 1937. As a young man, Joseph went west to Seattle, Washington, and later married Josephine Sater from Bergen, Norway. The youngest, George, taught school at Clarion and Grundy Center before entering the U.S. Army in World War I, where he served in France. Since Mrs. Berg had taught school in her home town of Eksharad, Sweden, it must have pleased her to have at least one of her children do the same. In later years, two of her granddaughters would be school teachers.

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