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David Bengtson Family

David Bengtson, together with his brother, Albin, were two of Madrid's early merchants, owning and operating the Bengtson Brothers Meat Market.

David and his wife, Esther, were the parents of three children: Reuben, Edith, and Ruth, all of whom were born in Madrid. David Bengtson died in Madrid in 1919, and is buried in Mount Hope Cemetery. After his death, the meat market was sold and Mrs. Bengtson, along with her brother-in-law, Albin, and his family, moved to Willmar, Minnesota. They moved along with about 50 other Madrid people.

Mr. Reuben Bengtson remembers the following incident while a young man in Madrid: "As a couple of kids, my cousin, Violet, and I opened the front seat of our Model T, that was parked in the barn across the street from where I lived. We opened the gas cap, and filled the tank with oats. It so happened that when Dad went out to Slater to buy cattle, the car stalled. We made the Madrid Register front page that day, with the following headlines: 'Bengtson Tries to Run His Car on Oats and Feeds His Cattle Gasoline.'"

Mr. Reuben Bengtson today lives in Willmar, Minnesota, and is a publisher with the West Central Tribune.

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