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Phillip and Lina Barbati

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Phillip Barbati was born in Modena, Italy, on June 12, 1892, one of a family of 12 children, consisting of 10 sisters and 1 brother. He left Italy in 1910, moving to Macon, Missouri, where he found work in the coal mines in that area.

Lina Mordini was also born and raised in the Modena, Italy, area, and was from a family of three sisters and four brothers. Lina was born April 14, 1900.

When Phillip served in the U.S. Army for 16 months, during World War I, he met Lina. He returned to the Macon area, but went back to Italy in 1925, and married Lina on August 12 of that year. Their three children, Evelyn Barbati Cross (July 26, 1926), Elsie Barbati Erickson (March 21, 1928), and George Barbati (April 25, 1929) were all born in Italy. Phillip returned to the United States, and moved his wife and three small children to Macon in 1930. He was the only family member who could speak any English.

In 1935, the family moved to Zookspur, and in 1936, they moved to Madrid. Phillip had been a coal miner for 38 years, and when the mines closed, he began working at the John Deere plant in Ankeny, where he remained employed for 12 years, until his retirement. Lina also was a hard worker, and besides raising her family, she was employed for two years at the Ordinance Plant during World War II, and for 16 years at the Iowa Lutheran Home for the Aging, in Madrid.

Phillip has been a member of the American Legion, and the C.I.O. United Mine Workers. While living in Madrid, the entire family were members of St. Malachy's Catholic Church.

Phillip and Lina presently make their residence at the Madrid Home.

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