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Alfred Anderson Family

Alfred Anderson (Dec. 27, 1859 -June 15, 1926), the son of Carl i Mar. 20, 1820 - Mar. 24, 1898) and Stina 1832 - sept. 20 Lisa Johnson Anderson {Aug. 1 1, 1908), ca.ne to the United States at the age of nine. with his mother, three brothers, and one sister, from their birthplace in Smoland, Sweden. Three of the children died from the hardships experienced during the journey, before they ultirnately were reunited with Carl and Alfred's two older brothers. The family made their home near Prairie City, where Alfred lived until after his marriage. The family, which included sons Charles (Carl John Peter A. O (J.P.A.) Claus; Francis; and daughter, Christine, later moved to the Minburn area, where they set down their roots. Of the two olders boys, Claus later moved 10 a homestead in South Dakota, and J.P.A. was in strumental in organizing Madrid's telephone company, and in other business enterprises. "Charley" married Greta Elizabeth Anderson {daughter of Anders Peter Anderson, of Madrid), and upon her death, he married her sister, Mary. This branch of the family rernains in the Madrid area. Sister Christine Shaffer was the mother of Elsie Anderson, and Elsies daughter, Barbara, ranains a resident of this area.

Alfred and his wife, Emelia J. Ahlsland Anderson (July 31, 1861 - Nov. 20, 1932), moved to Madrid Des Moines around 1886 then moved to the Minburn area around 1896, where they continued to make their home the remainder of their lives. To their marriage were born five children: Della M. (April 14, 1887 Nov. 30, 1968); Lena E. {Oct. 24, 1888 - Nov. 29, 1918}; Ray F. (Feb. 7, 1892), Oscar A. (Dec. 5, 1894 Dec. 26, 1975); and Dee 1. (April 17, 1900).

Della, the eldest, married Charles Ernest Crannell. They also lived in the Madrid area. Della and Ernest were the parents of five children: Letha; Verva; LaVerne; Dorothy; and Elva.

Letha married Irvin Alleman. The Allemans have made their home in Sheldahl where Irvin's family has lived since 1910, and are the parents of one son, Verlin. The family has always been active in the Sheldahl Methodist Church. Verlin married Mary Ann Klonglan, and they are the parents of sons Jeffrey and Jerry. and daughter Julie. They also live in the Sheldahl community.

Verva married Ernest Fjelland, and they made their home in Huxley. The Fjellands, who had no children, are both deceased.

LaVerne married Lauretta Welder, and they presently make their home in the rural Madrid area, where LaVerne is the caretaker at Swede Point Park. Both are retired. They are parents of Shirley (Mrs. Bob Bartholomew, of Madrid); Elizabeth; Randy {who married Kathy Crabtree); and Crystal, and are grandparents of Melody (McCloud}. Timothy, Tina Marie, Tanya Jo, Doris Ann, and Dusty, and great-grandparents of Melody's son, Jerrod.

Dorothy married Donald Jones, and they live in the Des Moines area. They had three children: LaVerne Donald; Lila; and Sharon. LaVerne Donald and his wife, Colleen, are parents of one son, Donald LaVerne. Lila and her husband, Carl Brogioni (now deceased), were parents of Curtis, Mark, and Sharon. Sharon and her husband, Ronald Stubbs, have three children: Sherry. Ronald, Jr., and David. Sherry, who married Timothy VanderPloeg, is the mother of great-granddaughter, Shala Dawn.

Elva married Orville Olson, and they were the parents of three daughters. Daughter Cheryl married John White, Jr., and is the mother of two sons. Christopher John and Bradley Lloyd. The other two daughters, Luann and Janice, are not married. The Olsons live in the Polk City area.

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