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Peter August Alsin

Peter August Alsin was born February 27, 1827, in Ostergotland, Sweden. His parents were C. j. Alsin, born April 4, 1792, and Eva Christana {Hult) Alsin, born May 5, 1800. The parents were married in 1822. Mr. Alsin learned the trade of cabinetmaker under his father.

Mr. Alsin left Sweden and arrived in America in 1852. He settled in Burlington, Iowa, and opened a cabinet shop. In 1854, he left for the gold fields of California. He traveled on barge to New Orleans, then by sailing ship to Panama. He walked across the Isthmus of Panama, and then took a ship to San Francisco. From here, he walked to Hangtown (later Placerville}, where he opened a shop making wheelbarrows for the miners. He did some prospecting, and made his claim pay, but sold it after about a year and a half, and returned to Fairfield, Io

On April 28, 1857, he married Anna Carolina Stephenson, who was born June 24, 1840, in Kalmar, Sweden. Her parents were Stephen Stephenson, born August 15, 1807, and Christana Catharine Paulsdotter, born February 6, 1804. The parents were married July 5, 1832.

The Stephenson family, which included eight children, left Sweden May, 1849. They sailed on the freight ship 'Charles Tattle" and endured many hardships on the crossing, until they arrived at New York the latter part of June 1849. The family left New York by boat up the Hudson River to Albany, then over the Erie Canal to Buffalo, and on Lake Erie to Toledo. From Toledo, they went overland to Chicago, then by the Illinois ship canal to Anderson, and then overland to New Sweden, Iowa, which had been founded in 1845 by a friend, Mr. Cassel.

Mr. and Mrs. Alsin set up housekeeping and started farming near Fairfield. In 1862, Mr. Alsin again got 'gold fever" and traveled by prairie schooner to Nevada City, Idaho. Here, he tried placer mining, but found that he could not stand to be in the cold water for long, so he began making wheelbarrows for the miners. In November, 1864, he arrived back in Fairfield, and returned to farming.

In 1866, the Alsins sold their farm and moved to a farm of 300 acres, two miles east of Swede Point. They lived on their farm until 1892, when they retired and moved to Madrid.

The Alsins had seven children: Frank Mary and Christana (twins), Anna Mathilda, Charles P. , Joseph, and Susannah Caroline.

Mr. and Mrs. Alsin were members of St. Johns Lutheran Church, and were active in all phases of religion.

Mr. Alsin died in 1911 at the age of 84, and Mrs. Alsin died in 1930, at the age of 90.

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