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Boone County Biographies

Madrid Centennial Biography Index

Currently this book is in pdf format and not linked to the names listed below. I'm in the process of transcribing the bios to be linked here. If you have a name listed here that is not transcribed, please contact me. I did not copy the images from the book, they are very poor quality, so, I'm putting what page in the book it is on in the bio, there will be no link if there is no picture.  
Allen, Bill and Judy
Allen, Glenn E. and Jean
Allen, Harold and Viola
Alsin, Peter August
Anderson, Alfred
Anderson, B. Frank and Emma
Anderson, Carl Walter & Elsie
Anderson, Charles J.
Anderson, Darwin and June
Anderson, Fred and Esther
Anderson, John Bengt
Anderson, Magnus
Bain, Clarence
Baker, Robert
Ballard, Martha
Barbati, Phillip and Lina
Barker, Chet and Viola
Barnevelt, John and Mary
Barrow, Charles
Barrow, Edward
Barrow, John Joseph
Barrow, Robert
Bengston, Albin
Bengston, David
Bengston, Ed
Bennett, John and Nellie
Benson, Villmer
Berg, Carl Magnus and Maria
Berg, Charles and Emma
Bertini, Andrew and Mary
Bertini, Paul and Rosemarie
Bingman, James and Rhonda
Biondi, Floyd
Birdsall, Jesse W.
Blake, John and Elvera
Blome, Glenn and Laura
Boda, Charles
Boganwright, John
Bollie, Gertrude
Boone, Eldon E.
Borich, Anton and Lucy
Bowen, John and Helen
Bozich, Anton
Brown, Earl and Alta
Burich, Fred and Edith
Burke, Martin L.
Burke, Martin L. (1908 Obituary)
Burke, Wiliam
Butelli, John
Carlson, Alfred (family)
Carlson, George Clarence
Carlson, Harry R.B.
Carlson, Jacob M.
Cassel, Carl John
Cassel, John A.
Cassel, Peter
Cederquist, Clarence J.
Check, Anton E.
Check, Arthur A.
Check, Earl and Judy
Check, Jons/Jonas
Cima, John
Clark, Frank and Caroline
Cleven, C.J.
Cleven, Jonas
Cole, M.C. and Crystal
Comstock, Russell Ray
Cox, James and Dorothy
Crabtree, Hubert
Cronk, Rollin and Pat
Dalander, Anna
Dalander, Eric Peter
Dalander, Erik
Dalander, John
Dalander, Sven
Daugherty, John and Ethel
Daugherty, William and Garnet
Dennis, Tedford and Ellen
Douglas, Carl and Carolyn
Douglas, Louis and Marie
Drake, Sandra Kay (Tesdahl)
Early, Milan and Zelora
Edwards, Gary and Kathleen
Emberg, Martin and Hilda
Emberg, Peter and Ella
Engwall, P.A.
Erickson, Lloyd W.
Erickson, Nelson
Erickson, Raymond and Phyllis
Ervine, Jesse A.
Evans, Ellen (Carlson)
Farr, Herman S.
Ferderber, Isador and Matilda
Fisher, Gene and Marie
Fisher, Marlyn and Joyce
Flynn, Don and Merlene
Franceschi, Charles and Ines
Galetich, Emil and June
Galetich, John and Katherine
Gaston, Charles and Anna
Gibbons, Floyd and Ramona
Gibbons, Lester and Eldina
Gibbons, Lester and Velora
Gibbons, Robert and Audrey
Gibbons, Thomas and Angie
Gilbert, Edward and Elinor
Godfrey, Edward and Martha
Good, Clarence and Winnifred
Graves, Henry
Gregory, Steven and Janice
Grgurich, Frank
Grigsby, Cornelius
Grigsby, Edward and Elinor
Grigsby, George Washington
Grigsby, Jemima
Grigsby, John H.
Gustafson, Max & Irene (Carlson)
Guigli, Alfred J.
Guigli, Guisto
Hammond, David and Mar-Lena
Hanson, Arthur
Harris, Noland
Harrison, Harry
Hegberg, Carl and Ina
Henry, Bob and Terry
Herrstrom, Nils
Holland, Jerome H.
Houseman, James and Margaret (Carlson)
Howard, Fern and Daisy
Hull, Duncan and Edna
Hunt, Fred and Bessie
Hurley, John
Hurst, Carole and Jimmy
Hurst, Landia Jefferson
Isaacson, Dave and Delia
Jackson, Harry
Jacobson, Abraham
Jacobson, Erick
Jakovich, Albert and Emily
James, Robert N.
Jenkins, W.J.
Jensen, Irvin and Wanda
Johnson, A. Kenneth
Johnson, August
Johnson, C.G. and Susie
Johnson, Fred and Hattie
Johnson, John A. "Lyman"
Johnson, Otto
Johnson, William
Keigley, Harlan and Margaret
Keigley, W.H.
Kendall, LeRoy and Velma
Kenison, M.J.
King, Randolph and Jill
Kirkpatrick, Gary
Kolenz, Joe and Pauline
Konchar, Ray
Konchar, Robert J.G.
Krantz, John L.
Kruzich, George and Violet
Lamb, Donald M.
Lamb, Guy O.
Langland, R.F.
Lanning, Lawrence M.
Larimore, Joan
Latta, Charles and Arlene
Latta, James E.
Latta, Milo
Latta, Milo and Sue
Latta, Virgil and Joan
Lawson, Ernie and Ramah
Laycock, George Ross
Leaming, Charles
Lehman, Glenn D.
LeMaster, Ralph and Kate
Lincoln, John and Belinda
Lincoln, Robert
Lincoln, William
Littlehale, Robert W.
Long, (Family)
Lucas, J.G.
Lucas, Vaughn and Florinne
Lundahl, Carl W.
Luther, Benjamin and Clifford
Luther, Clark and Laura
Madison, Earl and Margaret
Magnuson, Barbara
Maroney, Edna (Carlson)
Martinson, Edwin A.
Mataya, Anthony and Antonia
Mataya, David and Linda
Mataya, Frank and Julia
Mataya, Joe and Becky
Mawdsley, Mark and Colleen
McClelland, Thomas
McFarlane, Melvin
McVay, Edmund
Miles, George S.
Miller, Floid and Imogene
Moffitt, Lena
Mordini, Richard and Emilia
Nelson, Eva
Nelson, Frank and Ida
Newman, Jerry and Mavis
Noland, Devon
Noland, Emma
Noland, Emmett
Noland, Emmett and Margaret
Noland, James
Noland, Morris
Noland, William and Rachel
Norris, Daniel
Olson, Magnus and Selma
Olson, Nels and Ellen
Olson, Roy and Marie
Ortmann, Raymond
Ostberg, Bill and Donna
Ostberg, Ed and Winnie
Pagliai, Angelo
Pagliai, Ferdinando and Madelina
Pearson, Eldon S.
Pearson, Victor
Perrier, Allen Oliver
Perrier, Armand and Hulda
Perrier, Armand and June
Perrier, John David
Peterson, Atle
Peterson, August
Peterson, Carl and Carole
Peterson, Charles and Hulda
Peterson, Charles Emil
Peterson, Gary LeRoy
Peterson, Gustave
Peterson, Ronald
Peterson, Sarah (Latta)
Pickell, Jacob
Pickell, Michael and Marcia
Pierce, Alexander and Elizabeth
Pierce, Ivan and Betty
Pies, (Family)
Piziali, (Family)
Polich, Joseph and Jennie
Polish, Bill and Annette
Quick, Stanley and Helen
Ray, Jim
Reed, Elizabeth
Rehor, A. Louis
Reynolds, Fred and Dee
Righi, Joe and Caroline
Ringgenberg, Dennis
Rissler, Lewis
Roberts, Phyllis
Roby, Milo
Rockwell, Guy Ralph
Romitti, Joseph J.
Romitti, Marion
Romitti, Virginio and Assunta
Rosene, Claus Henning
Runneberg, Charles and Roberta
Rutherford, Freeman and Katherine
Sandberg, John
Schaffer, Ron and Kathy
Schipper, Eugene and Mary Lou
Scott, Martin James
Scott, Otto and Eulah
Seehusen, Heye
Segrin, John and Lena
Seiler, Russell and Carla
Shames, Jacob
Shaw, M.M.
Sheldahl, Dale and June
Shell, Leland and Alma
Shepard, Laurence F.
Simms, Robert A.
Smith, John
Soderlund, Elmer
Soregaroli, Floyd and Mildred
Spencer, Doc
Steinick, Hilding
Steinkamp, Donald
Stoneburner, Jack and Retta
Suer, Dan
Sundberg, Andrew and Caroline
Sundberg, Esther
Sundberg, J. Edwin and Kathryne
Sundberg, Merrill and Pauline
Sundberg, Milton and Hattie
Sundberg, Ronald and Sally
Swan, Frank
Swan, Jesse
Swanson, Alfred
Swanson, Arthur
Swanson, Bessie (Wheeler)
Swanson, Carl and Esther
Swanson, Hannah Irene
Swanson, John and Emma
Swanson, Nels Franklin
Swanson, Oscar
Swanson, Pete
Swanson, Swan
Swanson, Vetus
Swim, Earl and Minnie
Thayer, William and Janet
Thede, Orville and Ruby
Thompson, Edwin and Frances
Thornton, Ronald and Susan
Timmons, James Daniel
Turner, Graham Thomas
Udorvich, Paul
Vaughn, Russell
Vernon, Charles K.
Vernon, Job B.
Vignovich, Steve
Wade, Jack and Louise
Walrath, William and Lovina
Wassgren, Anton and Carrie
Welder, Clifford B.
Welder, Irvin B.
Westerberg, A.P.
Westerstrom, Elmer
Wheeler, E. Sterley
White, Jack and Lillian
Whitmore, John Myron
Wilcox, Clarence W.
Williams, Benjamin
Wiskus, Luvern
Wylie, W.L.
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