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Muilenburg, Huibert 1822-1918 & Klazina VerSteeg Family


Posted By: Wilma J. VandeBerg -volunteer (email)
Date: 5/21/2022 at 19:55:56

Muilenburg, Huibert 1822-1918 and Klazina Ver Steeg Family

This BIOS of Huibert Muilenburg, another of the original ‘Land Seekers’ who settled in the Orange City area, was prepared by Wilma J. Vande Berg of the Greater Sioux County Genealogical Society. The information was gathered from various source as indicated. A concise biography of his life is portrayed in his obituary in the De Volksvriend of September 12, 1918.

Huibert Muilenburg was born in Vuren, Netherlands, on 20 June, 1822 and died in Orange City, 3 Sep 1918, aged 96 years, 2 months and 14 days. In 1842 he married Klazina Versteeg, who died in 1897. The marriage was blessed with twelve Children, two of whom died young.

FAMILY RESEARCH – GENEALOGY – source ancestry.com and www.wiewaswie.nl Huibert Muilenburg was born 20 Jun 1822 at Vuren, Gelderland, Netherlands to Jan Willem Muilenburg 1792-1873 and Teuntje Schalk 1792-1870. He married Klazina L. Ver Steeg, daughter of Jacob VerSteeg and Gijsje Tromp, she was born 3 Apr 1823 at Vuren, Gelderland, Netherlands and died 11 Dec 1897 at Orange City, Iowa. Both obituaries appears later in this narrative.

Children: Many of their obits can be found on www.iagenweb.org/sioux go to obit icon on left.
1 . Teuntje Muilenburg born 16 Mar 1843 Vuren, Gelderland Netherlands died 12 Jul 1843 Vuren.
2 . Jannigje ‘Jane’ Muilenburg born 23 Jul 1844 Vuren Gelderland, Netherlands She married Wouter ‘Walter’ Van Rooijen ‘Van Rooeyen’ 1834-1903 They had twelve children:
3. Gijsbertje Muilenburg born 17 Mar 1847 Vuren Gelderland, Netherlands and died Jul 1849 at Pella, Maion, Iowa.
4 . Jacob Hubert Muilenburg born 12 Jun 1849 Saint Louis, MO and died 9 Sep 1935 Rock Rapide, Iowa He married Aaltje ‘Ellen’ ‘Alida’ Vander Meer 1852-1930. They had 13 children:
5. Teunis Huibert Muilenburg born 9 May 1851, Pella Iowa, and died 24 Sep 1934 at Orange City Iowa. He married Johanna Cornelia Van de Waa 1850-1947. They had 6 children:
6 . Gysbertje ‘Gysje’ Muilenburg born 9 Oct 1853 at Pella Iowa and died 2 Feb 1952 at Orange City Iowa. She was married to Johannes ‘John’ Kuyper 1845-1915. They had five children:
7 . Jan ‘John’ Hubert Muilenburg born 2 Feb 1856 Pella Iowa and died 8 Jul 1939 Manchester, Kingsbury, South Dakota. He married Adriaantje ‘Jane’ Jongewaard 1858-1938. They had seven children:
8 . Izak ‘Isaac’ Huibert Muilenburg born 18 Dec 1857 Pella Iowa and died 5 Dec 1902 at Orange City Iowa. He married Dirkje ‘Dora’ Ruisch 1859-1906. They had nine children:
9 . Johanna ‘Hanna’ C. Muilenburg born 12 Dec 1859 Pella Iowa and died 10 Oct 1949 at Zion, Lake, Illinois. She was married to Johannes ‘John’ Kenneth Noteboom 1859-1915. They had seven children:
10. Samuel Hester Muilenburg born 7 Jan 1862 Pella Iowa and died 30 Sep 1955 Orange City, Iowa. He married Adriana Maria Markus 186401924. They had six children:
11. Maria ‘Mary’ Muildenburg born 15 Nov 1863 Pella Iowa and died 12 May 1902 at Hurley, Turrner, SD. She married Adrianus Koeraad De Jong 1854-1968. They had seven childen:
12. Teuntje ‘Tillie’ Muilenburg born 10 Jan 1868 Pella Iowa died 4 Sep 1952 at Rock Rapids, Iowa. She married Cyrenus ‘Cyrene’ De Booy 1864-1942. They had six children:

FAMiLY HISTORY – BIOGRAPHY was found in a big Muilenburg file located in the Surname Files of the Greater Sioux County Genealogical Society based in the Sioux Center Library. Author unknown to submitter.

First paragraph is the genealogical family of Huibert, his parents and siblings.
Huibert Muilenburg was known a “Huibert the Pioneer”. He immigrated to America in 1848 with his parents Jan W. Muilenburg 1792-1873 and Teuntje Schalk 1792-1879, both died at Pella, Marion County, Iowa. Jan W. fought in the battle of Waterloo in 1815 against Napoleon. Huibert was one of eight children born in Vuren, Gelderland, Netherlands. His parents were married in Vuren on September 24, 1817. Their first child, Willemke was born January 9, 1819, married Huibert Pas and died in Sioux county on October 11, 1895. A son Huibert was born on March 15, 1821 and died as an infant. Huibert was born on June 22, 1822 and married Klazientje Versteeg on November 19, 1842. William Cornelius was the fourth child and was born on February 12, 1824. William married Aartje Jans Pallas on December 22, 1855 in Marion county and died September 9, 1892. Next came Janneke who was born July 7, 1827, and married Albert John Jongewaard on November 5, 1851. Antonie ‘Tone’ was born January 12, 1830. He married Elizabeth DeHeer on March 16, 1864 and after she died Geertje Rempe on June 3, 1869. Tone died February 22, 1926 at the age of ninety-four. The seventh child was Cornelia who was born on November 11, 1831 and married Henry Spaan on July 25, 1857. Cornelia died on march 7, 1912. The last Child was Pieter born on June 13, 1835. He married C. K. D. “Klazina” Visser on November 18, 1856. Peter died in 1920. Huibert’s father Jan Willem died on December 24, 1873 at the age of eighty-one and his mother Teuntje Schalk died on June 11, 1879 at the age of eighty-seven.

Son, Huibert came to Pella with the second wave of Holland immigrants. His wife Klazinentje ‘Klazina” Versteeg was pregnant with their fourth child and accompanied by 4 year old Jannetje and 1 year old Gijsbertje. On a stop over in St. Louis their son Jacob was born. The family of four arrived in the fall of 1848. Klazina was joining 2nd cousin Klaas Versteeg who came with his wife and uncle Art Versteeg who had come with his family, with Rev. Scholte and the Holland Company colonists in 1847. They were living next door to Huibert’s parents in 1850 and farming. According to the census he owned $40 with of real estate.
Huibert farmed in Lake Prairie Township for over twenty years. In 1860 he owned $500 in real estate and had $400 in personal assets. By July 26, 1870 that had grown to $3600 in real estate and $1299 in personal assets.

Their family had grown as well as shown by the following children that he and Klazina had. Those that were born in Vuren Gelderland, Netherlands were: Teuntje born March 16, 1843 and died in July that same year: Jannigje born July 23, 1844, Gijsbertje born March 17, 1847 and died in Lake Prairie Township in June 1850. Jacob was born on June 12, 1849 in St. Louis, Missouri. Tunis H. born May 9, 1851: Gijsbertje born October 9, 1853; Jan H. ‘John” born February 1856; Isaac born December 22, 1957; Johanna born December 26, 1859; Samuel born January 7, 1862; Maria born Nov 16, 1863; and Teuntje born January 10, 1868.

Land was becoming hard to get for the expanding families in Marion County and after a failed excursion to Oregon the people met to decide what their alternatives were. They picked representatives to go northwest to see if there was a “Land of Opportunity” within the confines of Iowa. On April 14, 1869, Huibert Muilenvrug, Jelle Pelmulder, J. H. Vande Waa and S. A. Sipma left Pella and went to northwest Iowa to find out about homesteading land. They went in a covered Wagon pulled by two mules. They left in a wagon of Vande Waa’s with a team of mules that had never been harnessed before and remained harnessed for the entire trip. They packed four week’s provisions in the wagon and traveled to Newton, then to Story City, Webster City and Fort Dodge. A two day stop there convinced them to travel on. They traveled on through the wet spring country side, through areas of washed out bridges and swollen streams. Reaching Storm Lake they found that all of the suitable Land was gone. They decided to take the government road west and west of Cherokee and found land with suitable soil, water drainage that they felt they could recommend for a colony. When they reached Sioux City after a two-week trip they found a long line of homesteaders in front of the land office. By special arrangements they were let in the back door the next morning and found that the land was available for settlement. They also were told that land was also available in Sioux, Lyon and O’Brien Counties. They returned to Pella with a favorable report after a trip of 550 miles. Two hundred people came to hear their report. After a second public meeting 86 decided to apply for Homesteads and another 13 were willing to buy their land for the $2.50 and acre price.

Another committee was selected to return to Cherokee to claim the land. Leendert Vander Meer, Dirk Van Den Bos and Henry John Vande Waa went back to Sioux City were they found the land speculators hearing of their intentions had purchased the land. The three frustrated men decide to travel north toward Le Mars to check out Sioux County. Henry Hospers the fourth member of the committee remained in Sioux City to make preparations for the recording to any suitable land. The group with a surveyor laid out 38 sections of land and returned to Sioux city to apportion it to the settlers. In September 1869, seventy-five men set out in 18 wagon to settle the new land. A big picture of the first group of four hangs in the Sioux County Courthouse in Orange City today.

Huibert stayed in Marion County, this time and sent his oldest son Jacob to Sioux County to settle the land. The rest of the family soon followed and settled in what was to become Holland township. In 1880 and 1885 the balance of the family was living on a farm in Holland township. On June 15, 1880 the census showed Huybert 57, Klazinia 57, Mary 16, Teuntje 12, Samual 18, Teunis, Isaac and Jacob were living nearby in Holland Township and John was farming in West Branch Township. By 1885 when the State Census was taken only Teuntje was still at home. Jacob and Isaac had gone to settle in Douglas County in their father’s tradition, but the rest of the children were still nearby in Sioux County.

By 1895 Huibert and Klazina had retired to the town of orange City, Klazina died at the age of seventy-four there on December 11, 1897, After her death Huibert moved to Orange City to live with his daughter Gysbertje and her husband John Kuyper. He lived with them until his death on September 3, 1918 at the age of Ninety- six. Both were buried in West Lawn Cemetery , Orange City, Sioux County Iowa.

The family members prospered...In 1913 the following Muilenburgs owned land: Huibert owned the SW ¼ section of land in Section 22 Holland Township one mile Northeast of Orange City. Adrianus W. Muilenburg owned the ¼ to the north, John W. owned 80 acres across the road in the N ½ of the NE ¼ of Seciton 21. Hubert Peter owned 160 acres in the NW ¼ of Section 20. Cornelia and her husband Henry Spaan owned ¼ in the NW ¼ of Section 33 in Capel Township, 4 ½ miles north and ½ mile west of Huberts place; Samuel owned 8_? acres in the S ½ of the SE ¼ of the SW ¼ of Section 30 and the NE ¼ of the NE ¼ of Section 31 in Holland Township.

Source: DeVolksvriend of Thursday Sept 12, 1918 page 7. Translated to read: Huibert Muilenburg – pictured Obituary in Dutch Huibert Muilenburg werd geboren te Vuren, Ned., op 20 Juni, 1822 en stierf te Orange City, 3 Sep 1918, in den ouderdom van 96 jaren, 2 maanden en 14 dagen. In 1842 trad hij in het huwelijk met Klazina Versteeg, die in 1897 overleed. Het huwelijk werd gezegend met twaalf Kinderen, waarvan twee jong stierven. Zeven der kinderen zijn nog in leven. Jacob, Teunis, Jan en Samuel Muilenburg, Mrs. John Kuyper, Mrs. John Noteboom en Mrs. C. De Booy. Benevens de kinderen laat hij na 67 kleinkinderen, 93 achterkleinkinderen en 5 achter-achterkleinkinderen. Ook wordt hij overleefd door twee broers, Antonie, oud 88, en Pieter, oud 83 jaren.
1n 1848 verliet het echtppar het oude vaderland, en kwam na een reis van 52 dagen te New Orleans aan, waar zij getuige waren van den sigven verkoop. Per ‘river boat’ ging t naar St. Louis, waar zij tot ‘t volgend jaar toefden. Daarna woonden zij bijna een jaar te Keokuk. Tn aldaar kwam hij tot he bewustzijn van zijn kinschap Gods, door ontmoeting van een Godvreezend Duitsch immigrant.
In 1850 ging hij naar Pella, waar de andere fam.- leden reeds woonden, en woonde daar tot 1872. Het meest merkwaardig feit in deze periode van zijn leven is de verkenningstocht die hij maakte naar het Noordwesten in 1869. Waarop hij in 1872 zich ook zelf in Sioux Co. vestigde en was sinds dien tijd tot aan don dag zijns doods een inwoner van de kolonie die hij had helpen stichten.
Merkwaardig is het dat zijn vader in 1815 te Waterloo streed tegen Napoleon, terwijl nu 11 van zijn kleinzoons strijden tegen den Duitschen Keizer.
Tot op hoogen ouderdom bleef hij gespaard voor bijzondere krankheden en zijn verstandsvermogen bleef tot ‘t laatste klaar en helder. De laatste paar jaren begonnen de lichaams krachten snel te verminderen, totdat ten laatste de wensch, reeds jaren gekoesterd, vervuld werd, en hij zacht en kalm heenging om bij zijn Zaligmaker te zijn.

Huibert Muilenburg was born in Vuren, Ned., on 20 June, 1822 and died in Orange City, 3 Sep 1918, aged 96 years, 2 months and 14 days. In 1842 he married Klazina Versteeg, who died in 1897. The marriage was blessed with twelve Children, two of whom died young. Seven of the children are still alive. Jacob, Teunis, Jan and Samuel Muilenburg, Mrs. John Kuyper, Mrs. John Noteboom and Mrs.C. De Booy. In addition to the children, he leaves behind 67 grandchildren, 93 great-grandchildren and 5 great-great-grandchildren. He is also survived by two brothers, Antonie, aged 88, and Pieter, aged 83 years.

1n 1848 the couple left the old homeland, and after a journey of 52 days arrived at New Orleans, where they witnessed the slave sale. By 'river boat' it went to St. Louis, where they stayed until next year. After that they lived at Keokuk for almost a year. There he came to the awareness of his kinship of God, through the meeting of a God-fearing German immigrant.

In 1850 he went to Pella, where the other family members already lived, and lived there until 1872. The most remarkable fact in this period of his life is the exploration he made to the Northwest in 1869. Whereupon he also settled in Sioux Co. in 1872 and was since then a resident of the colony he had helped found until the day of his death.
It is remarkable that his father fought against Napoleon in Waterloo in 1815, while now 11 of his grandsons are fighting against the German Emperor.
Until old age he was spared from special infirmities and his intellect remained clear and clear to the last. In the last few years, the body's forces began to diminish rapidly, until at last the wish, which had been cherished for years, was fulfilled, and he went gently and calmly to be with his Savior.

Obituary notice same page...
Tuesday, the 3rd of Sept., 1918 our beloved father, Huibert Muilenburg, quietly and calmly descended into the blessed elderly age of 96 years, 2 months and 14 days. Long ago it had been His desire to be redeemed, and so it was the fulfillment of His dearest hope when he was called to go to the Father's House and see His Savior face to face. Not only his children, but also the great crowd of his descendants lose in him a praying father, whose fervent desire was that his offspring would grow up in the grace and knowledge of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. (signed) Jacob Muilenburg, Teunis Muilenburg, Jan Muilenburg, Samuel Muilenburg, Mrs. John Kuyper, Mrs. John Noteboom, Mrs.C. De Booy.

Source: Alton Democrat (9-18-1897) Born: January 20, 1822 Died: September 3, 1918
Huibert Muilenburg was born in Vuren, the Netherlands, on 20 June 1822, and died in Orange City, 3 Sept 1918, at 96 years, 2 mo and 14 days old.
In 1842 he married with Klazina Versteeg, who died in 1897. The marriage was blessed with 12 children, or which 2 died young. Seven of the children are still living: Jacob, Teunis, Jan and Samuel Muilenburg, Mrs John Kuyper, Mrs John Noteboom and Mrs C. DeBooy. Besides these children, he is also survived by 67 grandchildren, 93 great-grandchildren and 5 great-great grandchildren. Also is he survived by 2 brothers: Anthony, 88 years old, and Peter, 83 years old.
In 1848 the couple left the old fatherland and after a voyage of 52 days they arrived in New Orleans where they were witnesses of a slave auction. By river boat they went to St Louis where they stayed until the next year. After that they lived for almost a year in Keokuk. It was there that he came to the realization of his kinship to God by meeting a God-fearing German immigrant.
In 1850 he went to Pella where the other members of the family lived already, and lived there until 1872. The most remarkable fact of this period of his life is the exhibition tour that he made to the northwest [Iowa] in 1869. In 1872 following, he himself went to Sioux Co and was there a resident until the day of his death. He was a member of the colony that he helped organize.
It is noteworthy to say that his father, in 1815 in Waterloo, fought against Napoleon, while now 11 of his grandchildren fight against the German emperor.
Up to his high age he was spared many special illnesses and his mind was clear until the last. The last couple of years his body strength decreased until his last wish, which he had held many years, was fulfilled, and he, calm and satisfied, died to be with his Father in Heaven.

Source: Sioux County Herald (9-15-1897)
Birth: April 8, 1823 Death: September 11,1897 An Excellent Woman Gone
The entire community was greatly pained at the news of the death of Mrs. Hubert Muilenburg, which occurred at her home in this city early Saturday morning. Mrs. Muilenburg, who was almost seventy-five years of age, accompanied her husband on the excursion to Pella and seemed to be in her usual health, although she had been failing slightly for some time. The trip and the excitement appeared to wear upon her and she was quite sick when she started for home last Thursday. She arrived here Friday morning and loving hands ministered to her, but her suffering were soon over.
Klazinia Ver Steeg was born in the Netherlands, where she was married to Hubert Muilenburg. In 1847 the couple came to the United States, settling at Pella after a short stop at St. Louis. In 1872 they removed to this county and endured together the hardships of pioneer life. Mrs. Muilenburg was a noble woman, an excellent neighbor and a helpful friend and she was held in the highest esteem.
Ten children were born to Mr. and Mrs. Muilenburg all of whom were present at the funeral. They are Jacob, John H., Teunis, Isaac and Sam Muilenburg, and Mrs. W. Van Rooyen, Mrs John Kuyper, Mrs. A. De Jong, Mrs. John Noteboom and Mrs. C. De Booy, and all but two, John H. Muilenburg of Hurley, South Dakota and Mrs. A. DeJong of O'Brien county, live in Sioux county. To them and more especially to the stricken husband, the sympathy of all is extended.
The funeral was held Monday afternoon from the First Reformed Church. Reverend J.F. Zwemer conducted the services in the presence of a large concourse of relatives and friends.

NOTES: In lieu of getting a script that is too lengthy. The reader can reference the Settlers of Sioux County stories in several local history books such as. “The Story of Sioux County” by Charles Dyke 1942, “Siouxland a History of Sioux County” by Nelson Nieuwenhuis, The “Orange City Centennial Book” 1870-1970, as well as checking the contents of separate surname files of the Greater Sioux County Genealogical Society located in the Sioux Center Library. Currently 326 Muilenburg obituaries are posted on our web page at www.iagenweb.org/Sioux

This picture was a taken from the Story of Sioux County Book - Pictures page two in rear of the book.


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