Bright Future For Waterloo.

Dear Courier: I have read your weekly, semi-weekly and now daily messages for forty -six years. I came to Orange township in 1865, about this time in the month of March, on the Dubuque & Sioux City railroad (fare $4.20 from Dubuque to Waterloo.) I think the cars ran only to Cedar Falls then.

I tell you Waterloo looked to me like 30 cents and the country like a howling wilderness. West Waterloo was "IT," then. Today we know no East or West Waterloo, but boost for Greater Waterloo.

I came west with the rest of the Lichtys and about all of them settled in waterloo and vicinity. I went to school in Waterloo and the boys used to call me the "Little Pennsylvania Dutchman." It piqued me considerably at first, but I soon got over it and we were the best of friends. When I think of the changes in forty-six years it almost seems like a dream" free rural mail routes, gas lights, system of water works, telephone service and last, but not least, the auto car. I can only wonder, What will the future be? I think I hear one say, "Just what we make it."

One thing is evident. We must boost for Iowa and Waterloo in particular and stick right to it, now and all the time. I believe Waterloo will be one of the largest, if not the largest, city in Iowa.

EPH LICHTY. Waterloo, Ia., March 15, 1911.

Waterloo Evening Courier, Waterloo, Iowa (16 Mar 1911: 4)