West High School
1909 ~ 1910

Junior Class

Name Opinion of Opposite Sex About to Become
Willie Armstrong Too small to think of such things An undergrown Senior
Bertha Ball Just Anything Famous
Verne Bartling Hasn't Any A Bachelor
Luverne Beal Horrors! Shocking! Awake
Alice Bickley Simply Grand A student of "Horace"
Jennie Blough Get along without them Studious
Bessie Bockey Rather nice Tall
Ada Bardeen Lovely, but out of reach Sober
Eudora Carey Oh Great! A wonderful singer
Joe Chapman Only one Girl Engaged
Marian Chapman They're all right for awhile Quiet
Florence Dewey No! No! Never! A walking Encyclopedia
Florence Dix Not worth worrying over A success
Roy Duke "Let 'em alone" A stick
Lewis Cobb "What!" An orator
Winnie Fry A Bore A quiet housekeeper
Fred Frehse Positively terrible A chauffeur
Pearl Headford Absolutely essential A student of "Homer"
Mabel Heller Never knew A maid
Ruth Howard Too awful for words Teacher's pet
Marie Hitchens Oh you Rah! Rah! Boy A college favorite
Eleanor Johnson Oh, they'll do Another A plus shark
Hazel Keller Proper but not necessary A suffragette
Horace Knittle Nice! Very Nice! A professional violinist
Florence La Tier Agreeable Popular
Harriett MacEachron Simply "Punk" Star Basket Ball Player
Hazel Manning Nothing Doing A man hater
Miriam Marsh Witty, wise, "Sharp!" Sharper
Ralph Marsh Oh Gee! Swell Worse
Lyle McDonald Same as Willie Armstrong East sider
Florence McElhinney One isn't sufficient Who can tell
Clyde McHogan Pretty Nifty An actor
Lyle Moore Some are fine A second Shakespeare
Wallace Nesbit Too Expensive A miser
Gladys Noggle Subject to change A farmer's wife
Bernice Parker Not reported A private tutor
Gladys Pedicord Abonimable [?] Authoress
Nellie Platt Same as Nettie A beauty doctor
Marjorie Rahe All right sometimes Fonder of boys
Harriett Ryan Wonderful! Wonderful! Think we are fortune tellers
Lois Storm "Love[l]y" A Mrs. ??
Homer Smith A necessary evil A crank?
Gwyneth Samson Something to "Brag" of A musical genius
Nathan Sharp Too grand for words A society necessity
Guy Schlaberg Too sloopy A football star
Walter Trask All righ - If you can get them A geometry shark
Mabel Trumbauer Skiddo! 23! A nurse
William Strayer He won't tell Bashful
Mary Speicher "No Wedding Bells for Me." A man hater
Lulu Teeters No one knows A singer at the Jewel
Wilma Walker All right if large enough
Neva Walker Handy Ornaments A noted soloist
Malinda Whitney Too inconvenient Noted
Fred Wray All right if redheaded A sprinter
Genevieve Zimmerman Only one"Chap" for me Engaged