1903 Hawthorne School Class

Miss Margaret Meyers, Black Hawk County Superintendent of Schools from 1912 through 1915, is shown above with her sixth grade class in Hawthorne School in about 1903.

Pictured are, seated in first row, left to right, Clara Huntington, Emma Schmidt (Mrs. Edwin Sandhagen of Evansdale, IA), Anna Huebsch, Earl Viss, Fredd Voorhies and Harry Reed.

Seated in second row, Johanna Lorden, Mae Starr, Edna Bradford, Lura Alderman and Florence McDermott (Mrs. Albert J. Joynt)

Third row, Adel Holder, Naomi Moore, Edwin Weatherwax, Elmer Johnson, Beulah Pearl Peterson, (Mrs. E.H. Kimball), Trixie Kinniburgh, Glen Skillings and Bertha Mentzer.

Fourth row, Bessie Cotter, Nina Wilbur, Salome Shilliam (Mrs. Harold Rugg), Florence Griffith, Clara Holdiman, Lawrence Martin, Donita Tuttle and Myrtle Rohrer.

Fifth row, Vera Clark, Fred DuBois, Miss Meyers, Gretchen Schultz, Minnie Martin and Charles Bandfield.

Top, Lucy Martin

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