Photo Album 5

Folks of the Past

Lincoln Township



William T. Cumming, b. CT October 9, 1867
Mrs. Cumming, b. Black Hawk County, IA June 16, 1868
Township Trustee


William Glasener, b. OH, December 15, 1854
Settled in county September 15, 1881
Mrs. Glasener, b. OH May 6, 1861


Mrs. Samuel Gibson b. NY State
Settled in county 1853


Mr. Samuel B. Gibson,
b. Ireland May 2, 1834 d. March 7, 1902
Settled in county 1853


Rev Wm P Thompson and brothers
b. TN 1837 Settled in county 1866


J. W. Brees, b. February 11, 1866
The Mrs b. March 29, 1873


H E Rousselow b. Black Hawk County,
October 16, 1873 d. October 28, 1907
The Mrs b. OH March 12, 1875
Settled in county 1888


Mr. George W. Salisbury, b. July 1, 1844
Settled in county March 3, 1869
See notes below.


Below is information that we received from Lynne Wilson on the Salisbury family.

On July 26, 2002, I (Lynne Stockdale Wilson) visited Waterloo, IA to try and obtain more information regarding my family. I went to the Waterloo Library and looked at Micro film which contained information about my Grandfather (Charles Warren Stockdale), Grandmother (Bertha Salisbury Stockdale), Great-Grandfather (Stephen F. Salisbury) and Great-Grandmother (Margaret Salisbury) and their children (Florence Salisbury Lowe, Jennie Salisbury, Frances Salisbury, and Bertha Salisbury Stockdale).

I found information on the Waterloo City Directories microfilm, dated 1888-1898 and 1899-1900. From the books at the Grout Museum, I was able to determine Charles lived at 514 Almond in Waterloo. There was no information regarding him in the next microfilm roll dated 1899-1900. He and his family had moved from Waterloo to Chicago, IL, where three sons were born.

I also spent some time at the Northeast Iowa Genealogy Association at the Grout Museum and obtain more information about the family. The gentleman at the Museum helped me find information regarding Stephen Salisbury and directed me to the Fairview Cemetery, 611 Fairview, Waterloo, Iowa, in Black Hawk County. I learned there actually were four boys born to Charles and Bertha, but Donald D. died as an infant in Waterloo. I visited the Fairview cemetery, section 16 and took pictures of the six gravesites. Charles was the one who purchased the plot and had Donald D. buried there in 1884. Bertha's family were the others buried there. Florence (sister), Jennie (sister), Frances (sister), Margaret (Mother), Stephen (Father) and Donald D. (son). The cemetery caretaker found the six gravesites and took me directly to them so I didn't have to walk around in the cemetery searching for them.

The following is the information on the six head stones:
Stephen F. Salisbury (Father), May 14, 1838-May 17, 1902
Margaret Salisbury (Mother), 1840-1937
Frances Salisbury, 1872-1927
Jennie B. Salisbury, 1876-1945
Florence M. Lowe, 1878-1974
Baby - Donald D. Stockdale - Infant son of Charles & Bertha Stockdale - Born 3/14/1884

Both George W. and Stephen Salisbury were born in Dane County, WI. The father's name was George W., also. I visited there and found out the following information:

I am just beginning to get some data on George W. Salisbury. From Sara Steele I received this information: George W. Salisbury was baptized as an adult in 1868 at the Cottage Grove, WI., Presbyterian Church (That one was at Vilas) so he was alive in 1868 and died before 1870. It is doubtful there are any death records for George W. or Harriet. There was no death record for George W or Harriet. Sara checked with Forest Hill cemetery and there are no Salisburys buried there. Sara had thought that Harriet and the younger children might have joined Stephen in Iowa, but the 1880 Iowa census did not show them. Unfortunately in Wisconsisn only the families with children under 10 are indexed and Eugene the youngest would have been over ten by then.