Blackhawk County Photo Collections - Album 3

Folks of the Past

Business Men
of Black Hawk County



Elmer G. Hewitt
E. Waterloo Twp.
B. in Waterloo 2-18-1883



Fred W. Wieland
Merchant Tailor



Dr. C. F. Bennett
Physician and Surgeon



F. M. Michael
Occupation not listed



Frank F. Knapp
Justice of the Peace



Rev Solomon Knapp
Born NY 1803,
Came to BHC in 1853,
d. 1890



Frank McManus
Builder and Contractor



Harvey Miller
Contractor and Builder



I. M. Kentzelman
Real Estate



James I. Kenyon
  Attorney, Barr and Kenyon



Simon Sternshein
Furniture and House Furnishing Goods,



E. M. Towne
O'Keefe and Towne,
Funeral Director