Blackhawk County Photo Collections - Album 2

Folks of the Past

Poyner Township
Black Hawk County, Iowa


Margaretha Marx, b. 1827;
settled in Poyner Twp. in 1854

Nicholas Felten, b. 1825,
settled in County in 1854

Gregor Gray Born in Scotland, July 27, 1828.
Came to South Poyner Twp in 1853. Died June 2, 1908



Math Miller Family
Township Assessor and Secretary of school board.

Math Miller, b. IL, 4-21-1868, came to county in 3-23-1869.
Mrs. M b.1-3-1873, Germany, 1-3-1873



L. Weiland Family
Meat Market Gilbertville, Iowa



O. W. Follett, b. IL, March 18, 1862.
Came to the county in 1866
The Mrs. b. WI, June 25, 1866
Came to the county in 1867
O. W. is a merchant of Dewar, Iowa



John T. Poyner b. March 30, 1858,
Poyner Twp, Section 25. Lived there all his life



William Widdel b. Il, May 19, 1860
Came to County in 1865
Proprietor of Great Western Creamery,
Dewar, Iowa



John Nie b. Germany December 25, 1827
The Mrs. b. Germany November 28, 1840
They came to county in 1867



Jacob Schmitz b. Germany in 1837
Died November 28, 1900
The Mrs. b. Germany 1845
They came to county in 1863




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