Evansdale, Iowa

Black Hawk County

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Today I found that the City of Evansdale has begun to issue a little community paper called, "The Evansdale Messenger." The following information was found in Vol 1, 2nd Issue, March, 1999.


Pictured above is Evansdale's first squad car, a 1941 Ford V8. Left is Bill Wilfand, Evansdale's first mayor and Art Ayers, the first town marshall. Pat Weber, who is not pictured, was the deputy.


Remember When

Martin Baby is Mr. 1952 in Evansdale...Mr. and Mrs. Martin a boy at 1:07 a.m. Jan 1st.

Mr. and Mrs. John Bergemeier, McCoy Rd., a boy, Billy.

Mr. and Mrs. Cyril Vogt, 417 Grand Blvd., a girl.

Mr. and Mrs. Vern West, 614 Fox, a girl

January 17, 1952
Evansdale has a new Police Force. Lewis Lyons, full time police officer, and Clifford Shake has been chosen as his assistant.

The black Plymouth and police officers arrived for work on the same day.

The above information was submitted to The Evansdale Messenger by Jurly Nichols. The Editor for The Evansdale Messenger is: Linda Wachal: email at WdRoseLady@aol.com