Black Hawk County History

Businesses of the past

The commercial laundry was a way in which the humdrum of scrubbing on a washboard and boiling white clothes in a copper kettle. Above is a pic of the Model Laundry at Fourth and Mulberry. This business needed three delivery rigs to handle their business.

photo courtesy of Don Durchenwald


The Home Tea Store

Located at 110 E. Fourth street and their promise was to deliver just that to their customers. The finest of teas and coffee roasted fresh daily. This was a specialty shop and not a grocery store. In addition to tea and coffee, they had fine spices, extracts, baking powder and a few staples.

photo courtesy of Don Durchenwald


Fuel and Transfer Company

Shores Fuel and Transfer Company. They began as a coal and coke selling business. they then added a drying service, they changing to warehousing and providing storage space.

photo courtesy of Don Durchenwald