Black Hawk County Photos
Early Blackhawk Settlers


Mrs. Samuel Gibson
Lincoln Twp. Born NY State, settled in county 1853


Mr. Samuel B. Gibson
Lincoln Twp. Born in Ireland 5-2-1834
Died 5-7-1902


William T. Cumming and Family
Lincoln Twp. Mr. C. was twp Trustee
B. in Conn., 10-9-1867
Mrs. C. b. Black Hawk County, 6-16-1868


H. E. Rousselow and Family
Lincoln Twp. Mr. R. b. in Black Hawk County 10-16-1873.
Died 10-28-1907
Mrs. R. b. in Ohio, 3-12-1875. Settled in county 1888.


Mr. & Mrs. Elias Flickinger
Black Hawk County
Mr F. b. in Ohio, 11-22-1851. Settled in county 1888.
Mrs. F. b. in Ohio, 2-26-1853. settled in county 1888
Died 6-6-1906


Wiliam Glasener & Family
Lincoln Twp. Mr. G. b. in Ohio 12-15, 1854.
Settled in county 9-15-1881.
Mrs. G. b. in Ohio, 5-6-1861


Rev. WM P. Thompson & Brothers
Lincoln Twp. Mr. P b. in Tenn., 1837.
Settled in county 1866


Mrs. L P Griffith
Lincoln Twp. Born in PA
Settled in county 1871