"Historical Information"


The following listing is some of the areas in which Mary Eldridge has researched Waterloo and Black
Hawk County.

NOTE: This is not to be used as a list of reference for information posted within the IAGen Web Black Hawk County pages. If you would like information on a particular area, then please forward your questions to her.

Early Settlement Prior to 1845
1845 The Hannas and John Melrose
The Virdens, Mullans, and other early white settlers
The White Settlers' Relationship with the Indians
Settlers and Prairie Wildlife
Winter Storms and Prairie Fires
Fourth of July Celebration, 1853
From Prairie Rapids Crossing to Waterloo
Bridges - Dams - Floods
River Navigation - River Industry - River Recreation
Franklin Street
South Street
West Fourth Street
Prospect Hills
Kingbard Hill
Sans Souci
Linden Place
Walnut Court
Highland Cedar River Park
"Smokey Row"
Architects Builders and Contractors
Historically Significant Houses
Dunsmore House
Snowden House
Rensselaar Russell House
Nathan Poyner House
First Courthouse Site
Second Courthouse Site
Third & Present (1993)Courthouse Site
City Hall
Fire Department
Law Enforcement
Synodical Presbyterian Hospital
Seraphic Heights (St. Francis) Hospital
Allen Memorial Hospital
Dr. Bickley's Maternity Hospital
Fullerton Electric Cure
Postal Service/Offices
Telephone service
Waterloo Water Works
Gas & Electric
Paved Streets
Public Schools
Other Schools
Prairie Home Seminary
Gates Business College
Churches - Cemeteries
Fairview Cemetery
Elmwood Cemetery
Waterloo Cemetery
General Utility Hall & Other Halls
Memorial Hall, Black Hawk County
East Fourth Street Industrial District
Commercial Street Industrial District
Cedar Street Industrial District
Westfield Industrial District
Sycamore Street Industrial District
Industrial and Commercial, Misc.
Altstadt Langlas Bakery
Harry Fee Super Service
Waterloo Auto & Garage Co.
Waterloo Auto & Supply Co.
Corn Belt Auto Co.
First National Bank
Waterloo Savings Bank
Commercial National Bank
Other Banks
Black's Department Store
Casebeer's Restaurant
Waterloo Courier and Other Newspapers
Cutler Hardware Company
Fowler Brothers
Frank Brothers Grocers
Acme Humphrey & Stevens, Grocers
L.W. Gordon, Grocer
C.H. Eighmey, Fine Groceries
F.P. Murphy, Meats and Groceries
Turner and Could Groceries
S.H. Pinkerton & Cable, Grocers
Palm Meat Market
Woodruff & Morgan, Grocers
Smith,Lichty,&Hillman Co.Wholesale Grocers
W.H. Marshall, Groceries
F.E. McStay's Fifth Street Market
Wilson & Braden, Groceries
Sycamore Street Market
Frank C. Krueger Meats
Fred Goettel, Meats, Fish & Poultry
Sinnard Brothers, Grocers
Sherman House
American Hotel
Hotel Irving
Logan House
Hotel Hummel
The Ellis Hotel
Sans Souci Hotel
Russell-Lamson Hotel
President Hotel
Kistner Funeral Parlor
Klinefelter's Livery
Martin Brothers
Matt Parrott & Sons Company
Meany Casket Company
Miller Drug Company Millinery, Etc.
R. M. Gorham (Mrs.), Millinery & Beauty Parlors
Hughes Sisters Millinery
J.C. Woods (Mrs.), Artistic Millinery
H.E. Hastings (Mrs.), Millinery
W.C. Munger (Mrs.), Hair Goods & Shampooing
Music Stores
Parsons Music House
Lakeside Music Store
E.W. Stroebel Music House
W.H. Jennish, Talking Machines
Taylor Music Store
National Cigar Store
Flint Photography
E. Willard Spurr, Photographer
Vellas L. Simmons, Photographer
Mathias J. Tritz, Photographer
Popcorn Wagons
Transfer Companies
Colby & Parker Transfer Line
Byvank Transfer & Storage
Vaughan Implement Co.
Waterloo Steam Laundry
Cement Tile Machinery Co.
Chamberlain Corporation
Dairy-Related Industries
Dairy Journals
Deere & Company
Domestic Industry
Waterloo Skirt & Garment Co.
Iowa Skirt Manufacturing Company
Hawkeye Glove & Mitten Co.
Fisher Tent & Awning Co.
William Galloway's Companies
Jerald Sulky Company
Litchfield Manufacturing Company
Milling Industry
Mill Stones
Powers Manufacturing Co.
Rath Packing Company
Trade Unions
Waterloo Industries, Inc.
Stage Lines
Railroad Depots
Illinois Central Railroad Shops
Aviation miscellaneous
Airports and Aviation
Old Chapman Field
Byrnes Park Airfield
Cable Field
Canfield Airport
Waterloo Municipal Airport
Airship Hoax
Dry Run Sewer Banquet
National Dairy Cattle Congress
Public Library Murals
Lincoln Park
Washington Park
Opera Hall
A Wedding & Charivari (Chivaree)
Y.M.C.A. / Y.W.C.A.
Leisure Activities in the Early Days
Chautauqua Park
Electric Park
Home Park Race Track
Civil War
Railroad Disasters
Sedgwick Island