Black Hawk County, Waterloo, Iowa

New Pilots in Army Air Force

These men graduated from schools of the Gulf Coast Army air forces, all of them receiving the silver wings of full-fledged army pilots, along with the rank of lieutenant. There were thirteen photos published in The Waterloo Courier, the men below are the ones from Black Hawk County.

A. C. Froning graduated from Foster Field, TX. (parents not given) John E. Vaughn, son of Mrs. Adda Vaughn, graduated from Lake Charles, LA.

Robert C. Olson, son of Mr and Mrs Alexius Olson, 532 Campbell Avenue, graduated from Ellington Field, TX.
William H. Shaw, son of Mrs. Harry Shaw, 803 West Fourth Street, graduated from Ellington Field, TX.
George Heintz, son of Mr. and Mrs. George Heintz, 312 Reber Avenue, graduated from Lubbock, TX
Richard J. Bandfield, son of Mr and Mrs I.D. Bandfield, 406 Riverside Drive, graduated from Lubbock, TX

Not pictured: Glenn E. Jespersen, son of Mr and Mrs Viggo Jespersen of Cedar Falls, graduated from Kelly Field, TX