JUNE 27, 1890


Soldier's Orphanage Staff

Soldiers' Orphans', superintendents and teachers had a reunion July 25-26, 1890 at Old Central. George Gallarno, president of the Soldiers' Orphans' Home association, presided at the two-day affair.
Lou Rogers, Galesburg, Illinois, told of the Saturdays that he went to town barefoot with pants rolled up. The merchants tacked up signs "Almanacs are gone" and "cards all out."
The past superintendent Henry Tucker complimented Annie Wittenmeyer, who was in attendance from Philadelphia, for founding the Soldiers' Orphans' Home. He spoke of his love for the "Home" and had high praise for Leoti L. West, who came from Walla Walla, Washington. Annie Wittenmeyer told of her memory of 27 years ago when she stood in the hospital by the wounded and dying men who imploringly asked "Oh, what will become of my children?" She assured the men that their children would be cared for. That is when the thought of a home first came to her. This reunion was her first visit to Cedar Falls.
According to Gallarno, A. Morrison was too ill to attend. J. B. Abbott was confined to his home by an injured foot. Both had been former superintendents at the Home.
Leoti L. West spoke about the joyous privilege to be back at the Home. She had addressed letters to some 200 students and received reports from 125. Of these, one was a judge, 2 bankers, 3 lawyers, 4 teachers, a farmer, 5 merchants, 3 editors, 2 postmasters, 1 photographer, 1 engineer, 1 miller, 1 mason, 1 U. S. mail contractor, 1 blacksmith, 1 butcher, 5 clerks, 1 copist, 1 nurse, 2 passenger conductors, 50 housekeepers, 1 commercial traveller and 2 machinists, she told the audience.
Henry Tucker was presented a gold cane with the inscription: "Presented to H. F. Tucker at the Soldiers' Orphans' Home Reunion, Cedar Falls, July 25th and July 26, 1890."**
The old officers of the Union were re-elected: President George Gallarno, Secretary Forest Lawrence and Treasurer Mrs. H. H. (Schenck) Markley.


The following is nearly a complete list of all in attendance.

*NOTE* I have tried to keep the spellings and such, just as they appeared.*

Name Residence Name Residence
France Bradley Raymore Madison, Wis Jean L Terry St. Paul, Minn
Mrs. Mary Sweeney Scammon Northwood, Iowa Leoti L West Walla Walla, Washington
Julia S Tucker Windom, Minn Henry F. Tucker Windom, Minn
Charlie E Harding Chicago F M Smith Hampton, Iowa
Clara Nefzger Courson Clarion, Iowa Mrs. Rhodes nee Templeton Santa Rosa, Cal
Mrs. lina E. Rice Kier, Iowa Lucie Seaton Bishop Manchester, Iowa
Ida M Peek Grove Hill, Iowa Helen M Ware North Hampton, Iowa
Mary (Gutcher0 Bishop Independence, Iowa Mrs. Martz Cedar Falls, Iowa
Velma Ward Gillett Hampton, Iowa Rose Howard Matthew Rocford, Iowa
Belle Shaffer Lowell Finchford, Iowa Nellie Welch Nelson Sheldon, Iowa
Frank Henderson Cedar Rapids, Iowa Mrs. j P Lawrence Cedar Falls, Iowa
T A Burbank marion, Iowa Lottie Philo Dwight New Hartford, Iowa
Wm H Palmer Kolona, Iowa Frances Gallarno La Porte City, Iowa
Mary Edgington (Clark) Cross Laurens, Iowa Mary (Price) Krohn McGregor, Iowa
Mary A. (Schenck) Markley Cedar Falls, Iowa R A Steward Mt. Pleasant, Iowa
R A Steward Mt Pleasant, Iowa Mary (Schaffer) Kelly Chicago, Ill
L J Whipple Dodge City, Iowa Mrs M Brooks Brush Creek, Iowa
Mortimer Hodges Janesville, Iowa Minnie (Barry) Figler La Porte City, Iowa
Alva Packard Renwick, Iowa Reba Hummel La Porte City, Iowa
George G Petit Waterloo, Iowa Mrs. Nash Applington, Iowa
Lou Rogers Galesburg, Ill Flora Hodges Montford Cedar Falls, Iowa
Annie Palmer Stoner Parkersburg, Iowa Mary Ward Willett Hampton, Iowa
Nora Barry Woods Cedar Falls, Iowa Jennie Doran Barclay Waterloo, Iowa
George Conling Cedar Falls, Iowa mary Lawrence Ehrlich Elkport, Iowa
Will S Butler Rolfe, Iowa Winfield Templeton nanthorn, Iowa
Edd Hodges Cedar Falls, Iowa May Barry Hatfield Columbus, Neb
George Gallarno Cedar Falls, Iowa Chas. Christian Alden, Iowa
F D Lawrence Cedar Falls, Iowa Lyna Whited Belmond, Iowa
Lydia Whited Clarion, Iowa Will Palmer Kalona, Iowa
Frank Honberger Moose, Iowa Maurice Palmer Clarksville, Iowa
Otto Schurtzman Waterloo, Iowa Amos Schurtzman North McGregor, Iowa
Frank Edgerton none listed Susie Curtis Phipher Mt Vernon, Iowa


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** I was contacted by Mike of Forks, Washington on Nov 24, 2008 saying that he now has the cane, which is 118 years old. "It is in quite good shape (small dent) in the head but the inscription is still very readable. If you tap the cane against your hand rather sharply you can feel/hear what must be a steel rod (?) inside. The cane came into my hands through an unclaimed pledge at my shop in 1999. How it made its way to Forks, Wa. I do not know."

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