World War I in Black Hawk County  

Thanks to the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs, we now have a fairly comprehensive list of the boys from the state who served in the Great War.  Back in the 1920s the State Department of History and Archives put a call out to Iowans who served and as you can see, the IDCA has not only the story of these men but also a great many pictures.  They will be putting together an exhibit down in Des Moines to commemorate these gallant lads. 
Last Name First Name Photo
Anderson Peter H. Photo
Austin Moses Photo
Bebee Clarence L. Photo
Bebee Ray Photo
Becker Fred H. Photo
Berry Richard L. No Photo
Bigelow Ralph Brown Photo
Board Roy Allan Photo
Brown Paul Photo
Bruce Leslie J. Photo
Carroll (Carrall) Emil Photo
Chapman Charles Photo
Church Otis Whipple Photo
Clark Clifton Herbert Photo
Clark Everett T. Photo
Clark Eugene H. Photo
Collentine Marvin B. Photo
Coulstock William Photo
DeCamp Roy Photo
Emerson Horace Boies Photo
Farris John W.J. Photo
Ferguson Floyd E. Photo
Fortsch Adolph Photo
Fox David Photo
Frank Joseph J. Photo
Geis Alfred J. Photo
Gibson Clarence C. Photo
Gillpatrick William Bryan Photo
Graham Howard Scott Photo
Grim Alfred No Photo
Hansen Andrew Photo
Hansen George Photo
Hansen Ernest F. Schautz Photo
Last Name First Name Photo
Hargrove Frank Elmer Photo
Heinz Lionel R. Photo
Hetts Donald Photo
Hitchins Frank G. Photo
Hoffman Ellis Jefferson Photo
Huck Herman Jacob Photo
Jensen Reuben N.D. Photo
Jones Harry R. Photo
King Earl S. Photo
Kress Peter Photo
Larsen Thomas Photo
Lechner Carl J. Photo
Leckington Lee R. Photo
Marson Harry W. Photo
McBain Fred Photo
McNulty Francis J. Photo
Miller Lynn F. Photo
Minkle Harold Watson Photo
Mueller Kenneth L. Photo
Mueller Philip Adam Photo
Newell Walter Photo
Nissen Christian L. Photo
Nugent Leo Photo
Palmisano Sebastiano Photo
Parrish Frank No Photo
Peverill Harold Photo
Pump Reinard H. (Reinhard) Photo
Rasmussen Waldemar Photo
Rieder Nicholas Photo
Rundel Floyd Harold Photo
Schmitt Charles J. Photo
Shafer Frank V. Photo
Smith Eben A. Photo
Snavely Willie No Photo
Stanopoulos Harry Photo
Stevens Clifford J. Photo
Strayer Dwight L. Photo
Strubel Alvin Photo
Suddarth Charles W. Photo
Tull George W. Photo
Vaughan (Vaughn) James Gordon Photo
Wagoner Wesley (Westly Clyde) Photo
Weich Jonathan No Photo
Wilhelm Walter J. Photo
Wingate John R. No Photo
Zimmerman Max C. Photo




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