A Pictorial History

by Margaret Corwin & Helen Hoy

Courtesy of Leonard Katoski

Newspapers from around the world carried stories of the use of a single granite boulder used to build the First Presbyterian Church in 1890 at East Park Avenue and Mulberry. The boulder, a leftover from a prehistoric glacier, was found on the Henry Grout farm north of Waterloo. This was the third church owned by the First Presbyterian Congregation.

According to the Courier, the 20 x 28 x 32-foot boulder weighed 5,000,000 pounds.



Courtesy of First Lutheran Church

The first Lutheran Church was formerly known as the German Evangelical Lutheran Church with a nucleus of worshipers of German descent. The lot was purchased for $25 at 427 1/2 Jefferson, the Reverend Westernberger was the first pastor.

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