A Pictorial History

by Margaret Corwin & Helen Hoy

I came into possession of the above book and thought that I might share it with my fellow researchers. In time hopefully I may be able to get all of the images within its pages presented to you.

Waterloo, a pictorial history was dedicated to Waterloo's pioneers of the past, the workers of the present and the city builders of tomorrow. A limited edition of 1900 of which this is one is Number 790.

The only credit I will accept is the actual putting of this information onto the IaGenWeb Black Hawk County, IA genealogical site. All other rights and privileges belong to the creators of the edition.

The book covers the years of the beginning of what we know today as "Waterloo; and when the book was published in 1983.

These are some of the images which you will find.

Mary Melrose Hanna, "The Mother of Waterloo", pg. 10; pg 17
George Hanna, pg 17
Charles Mullan, third settler, pg 17
James Virden, pg 18
John Melrose, pg18
Nelson Fancher, pg 21
William Harman, pg 27
Lorraine Washburn, pg 29
Henry Nauman, pg33
Rensselaer Russell, pg 39
Matt Parrott, pg 48
Horace Boise, pg 58
Dr. John O'Keefe, pg 70
Will Galloway, pg 76
Jack Casebeer, pg 81
John Froelich, pg 102
Art Theimer, pg 124
John Livingston, pg 142
Hubert LaPole, pg 147
Walter Betsworth, pg 160
Jesse Cosby, pg 162
Henry Grout, pg 166
Don Perkins, pg 170
Dan Gable, pg 185

To find out about acquiring a copy of the book, "Waterloo, A Pictorial History." contact:

  • Waterloo Public Library
  • Publisher:
    Quest Publishing
    Rock Island, IL 61201
  • Printer: Bawden Printing, Inc.
    Eldridge, IA 1983

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