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(1897) Dunkards To Move.

Will Settle in the Turtle Mountain Region in North Dakota.

J. S. Watson, of Des Moines, traveling passenger agent of the Great Northern railway, is in the city today arranging to conduct a delegation of Waterloo Dunkards to the Turtle Mountain and Devil’s Lake region in North Dakota.  Several have decided to make a change in their residence, among them Martin Beekly and family, Harry Horner and family, Myron Beekly and family, Miss Ella Smith and E. Baldenecker. These and a number of others will leave about the middle of April, and more will accompany an excursion to be sent out later in the spring.  The Turtle Mountain and Devil’s Lake region is one of the largest Dunkard strongholds in North Dakkota, the principal points of settlement being Mayville, Devil’s Lake and Cando.

When speaking of the matter to a Courier reporter today Mr. Watson said the immigration of Dunkards into North Dakota is increasing every year.  Thirty-five hundred Dunkards are now residing in that section, the settlements made up principally from Iowa, Nebraska, Indiana, Illinois and Kansas.  Last year aan excursion train starting from Chicago carried 1,000 Dunkards to these points.[11]

(1897) Mr. and Mrs. Myron Beekly and Mr. Martin Beekly, who will leave in a few days for Cando, N. D., were happily surprised last night by a large delegation of heir friends and neighbors calling to spend the evening and wish them God speed in their new undertaking.  Light refreshments were served and a very pleasant evening was passed.[12]

(1897) Martin Beekly had prepared to take last night’s train over the C. G. W. for Cando, N. D., but was delayed by the washout.[13]

(1898) Martin Beekly has returned from Cando, N. D., and will remain here until spring.  He is well pleased with the country and will buy land there in the spring.  He stopped for a visit at Minneapolis and other Minnesota points on his way to Waterloo.[14] Martin Beekley returned last night from Cando, N. D., where he has been since last April.  Mr. Beekley operated a rented farm during the past season, and was very well pleased with the crops which he had harvested.  He will probably purchase a farm and make his home there.[15]

(1898) Orange: Rev. Martin Beekley, of Cando, North Dakota, filled the pulpit in the B. B. church Sunday.[16]

(1898) Martin Beekly left last night for his home near Cando, North Dakota.[17]

(1900) Waterloo Colony, N. D., July 30. -- … Martin Beekley was a visitor here last week and preached for us on Sunday.  There were sixty-two at Sunday school.[18]

(1901) Waterloo Colony, Feb. 18. … Martin Beekly had a fall several days ago and the result was a sprained arm.[19]

(1901) The Waterloo Colony, N. Dak., Mar. 27, 1901. -- … Our preaching services are well attended. Martin Beekley preached last Sunday.[20]

(1901 May) North Dakota Colony: Martin Beekly leaves this week for Lincoln, Neb., as delegate to represent the Rock Lake church at the yearly conference to be held in that city.[21]

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(1901 Dec) Martin Beekly, of Cando, N. D. has arrived in Waterloo to spend the winter with his sons, Ira M. and Norman M. Beekly.  He has been living in North Dakota during the past four years, where his son, Myron, and a number of other Waterloo colonists made their home in a new Dunkard settlement about four years ago.[1]

(1902 Mar) Martin Beekly, who has been visiting his relatives in Waterloo and vicinity for several weeks, returns today to  his home near Cando, N. D.[2] 

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(1904) Martin Beekly of Ellison, N. D., will arrive the first of the week for a visit with his sons, N. M., I. M. and Hiram, of this city.[1]

(1904) Martin Beekley, after an absence of five years from Waterloo, during which time he has been making his home at Cando, North Dakota, has returned to Waterloo and will make his future home with his son, I. M. Beekley, on South street.[2] 

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