Churches of the Cedar Valley

Antioch Baptist Church, 426 Sumner Street, Waterloo, IA, 319-233-2587, fax 319-233-0036, Organized in 1912


Ascension Lutheran Church, 2211 Maynard Ave, Waterloo, IA 319-233-1358, Founded in September, 1987 Email



Bethany Bible Chapel, 4507 Rownd, Cedar Falls, IA, 319-266-0100. Originally known as Downing Avenue Gospel Chapel in Waterloo. Began with gospel meetings begin held in Black Hawk Elementary School in the mid-fifties. The building as it is now known was built in 1999.



Bethlehem Lutheran Church, 4000 Hudson Road, Cedar Falls, IA, 319-266-3541.



Bethel Presbyterian Church, 930 West 4th St.
Waterloo, IA 319-233-6312, fax 319-233-3869. The church held its first worship on November 16, 1902 in the YMCA in Waterloo. In 1903 they moved to 2nd and Wellington and in 1961 they moved to their present site.



Burton Avenue Baptist Church,
900 Burton Avenue, Waterloo, IA



Calvary Baptist Church, 255 E. San Marnan Dr., Waterloo, IA, 319-833-0938



Cedar Falls Church of Christ, 2727 West 4th Street, Cedar Falls, IA 319-266-6763.



Cedar Heights Baptist Church,
2430 Neola Street, Cedar Falls, IA



Cedar Heights Community Presbyterian Church,
2015 Rainbow Drive, Cedar Falls, IA 319-268-0153.



Cedar Valley Community Church,
3520 Ansborough Ave., Waterloo, IA,
319-235-6781, fax 232-0032,
Organized December 7, 1941


Cedarloo Church of Christ, 3110 Loma St. Cedar Falls, IA 319-266-5039. Began in 1951 with 5 members meeting at the Waterloo YMCA in Waterloo. In 1954 a lot was purchased and the church constructed in 1959.


Central Christian Church, 3475 Kimball Avenue, Waterloo, IA, 319-234-6231.



College Hill Lutheran Church and Student Center, Missouri Synod, 2321 Walnut St, Cedar Falls, IA 319-266-1274 Began as an outreach to the students of Iowa State Teachers College in 1942.


Community of Christ, 4616 Cedar Heights Drive, Cedar Falls, IA 319-277-4735, Founded in early 1800's by Joseph Smith Jr. In 1844 the church split into factions. The church name was changed to Community of Christ in April 2001.


Covenant Presbyterian Church, 4710 Cedar Heights Dr,, Cedar Falls, IA 319-268-1300. First organized in 1939.


Faith Evangelical Lutheran Church, 1555 Ridgeway Ave, Waterloo, IA, 319-236-1771.


Faith Temple Baptist Church (ABC), 415 Walnut Street, Waterloo, IA 319-234-0854, Founded in 1978 and housed in the Historic Walnut Street Church building.



First Baptist Church, 434 Baltimore St., Waterloo, IA, 319-234-5233, American Baptist Church, USA. Organized in 1854.


First Christian Church, Disciples of Christ, 1302 W 11th St, Cedar Falls, IA 319-266-5959.



First Church of Christ, Scientist, 701 W 6th St., Cedar Falls, IA 319-268-1240. Services have been held since 1915, and in the new building in 1967. Mary Baker Eddy discovered Christian Science in 1866 after being completely healed through prayer following a near fatal fall.


First Church of the Open Bible, 928 Jefferson St, Waterloo, IA 319-235-6765, 319-235-6161.
It is composed of two separate groups, namely Bible Standard Churches founded in 1919, and amalgamated in 1935 as Open Bible Standard Churches, Inc.
Waterloo Open Bible originated in 1930, and was held in a tent revival setting. In 1931 it moved to a vacant creamery building, before building the present church.

First Congregational Church,
608 West Fourth Street,
Waterloo, IA, 319-234-8927,
fax 234-0116,
Organized on September 24, 1856.


First Evangelical Free Church, 1015 Main Street, Cedar Falls, IA 319-266-9108. Began as a Church Plant in Waterloo in 1983 with only 22 people. Merged with Calvary Bible Church in 1988 at the current location.



First Lutheran Church, 118 High Street Waterloo, IA 319-234-6637. Founded in 1867



First Presbyterian Church, 902 Main Street, Cedar Falls, IA 319-277-3930, fax 319-277-3931.



First Reformed Church, 644 Home Acres Evansdale, IA 319-234-3112. In 1944 the church began its ministry in the Evansdale Y.M.C.A. Outpost. Ground breaking ceremonies for the new church building was held on November 23, 1944, and the new church was dedicated on February 22, 1948. The church has a unique feature as it has a "drive-in" facility. It allows people to remain in their cars and listen to the service which is broadcast over the radio.

First United Methodist Church, 723 Washington St, Cedar Falls, IA 319-266-1713.


Fredsville Evangelical Lutheran Church, 32756 150th Street, Cedar Falls, IA 319-989-2065, In 1871 a small group of Danish settlers came together ot organize Fredsville Lutheran Church. The name Fredsville comes from the Danish word which means "peaceful rest" or "peaceful village".


Glad Tidings Assembly of God, 4421 Hudson Road, Cedar Falls, IA, 319-266-8982. Organized in 1951.



Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church, 1024 West Eighth St, Waterloo, IA, 319-235-6705, fax 319-235-6735. Active in the Cedar Valley since 1938.


Hagerman Baptist Church, 1105 Knoll Ave, Waterloo, IA 319-234-4208, began as a Sunday School class in the fall of 1926.


Hammond Avenue Brethren Church, 1604 Hammond Avenue, Waterloo, IA 319-234-4094.


Heartland Community Church, 705 Bishop Ave, LaPorte City, IA 319-342-3251. Founded in 1897 through an old time tent meeting in the LaPorte City area. In 1997 the name changed.



Heartland Vineyard Church, 722 South Hackett Rd, Waterloo, IA 319-234-8463, fax 234-9003. Started in home as a Bible Study with 5 persons in 1990.


Immanuel Lutheran Church, 207 Franklin St, Waterloo, IA 319-233-7052. Organized in 1878. Present facilities were dedicated in 1952.



Immanuel Presbyterian Church, 1149 Hammond Ave, Waterloo, IA 319-234-4291, fax 319-234-3875. Founded in 1940. Affiliated with P.C.U.S.A.



Living Hope Church, 2513 Center St, Cedar Falls, IA 319-277-2849. Began meeting in February 2000 at Cedar Falls Bible Conference Grounds.


Nazareth Evangelical Lutheran Church, University and Main, Cedar Falls, IA 319-266-7589.



Our Savior's Lutheran Church, 420 Harwood Avenue, Waterloo, IA 319-233-3156, fax 319-287-4908. Began in 1941 as a mission church in the American Lutheran Church.



Payne Memorial AME Church, 1044 Mobile Street, Waterloo, IA, 319-233-8189, African Methodist Episcopal, Established in 1912, originally called Bess's Chapel AME Church.


St. Ansgar Lutheran Church, 1122 W 11th St, Waterloo, IA 319-232-2733


St. Edward Catholic Church, 1423 Kimball Ave, Waterloo, IA 319-233-8060.


St. John Lutheran Church, ELCA, 715 College St, Cedar Falls, IA 319-268-0165.
Serving the community since 1865.


St. Luke's Episcopal Church,
2410 Melrose Dr, Cedar Falls, IA 319-277-8520, fax 319-277-8521.
Founded in Cedar Falls November 29, 1806.


St. Stephen the Witness Catholic Student Center, 1019 West 23rd st, Cedar Falls, IA, 319-266-9863, fax 319-266-3706. Chartered in 1897 as the Catholic Student Association, it is the oldest campus ministry organization at U.N.I. It began as an opportunity for Roman Catholic students.


The Salvation Army, 207 Logan Ave, Waterloo IA 319-235-9358, Organized in 1865 by the Reverend William Booth who left the ministry of the Methodist Chruch to begin a mission in the streets of London's East End. In 1878 the name "The Salvation Army" was adopted. The "Army" grew rapidly, and in 1880 came to the United States, arriving in Waterloo in 1886.


The United Church of Christ, 9204 University Ave, Cedar Falls, IA 319-266-9686. Founded as First Congregational Church in 1860, and became known in 1957 as The United Church of Christ.


Trinity American Lutheran Church, ELCA, 605 W 4th St., Waterloo, IA 319-235-6269.



St. Edward Catholic Church, 1423 Kimball Ave, Waterloo, IA 319-233-8060.



Trinity Episcopal Parish, 4535 Kimball Avenue, Waterloo, IA 319-232-4714 fax 319-232-9085. History: it is a merger of three congregations: St Mark's founded on Aug 3, 1856. Christ Church, founded shortly after the Civil War, December 22, 1880 and St. Christopher's Church founded in the 1960's. This trinity of congregations became Trinity Parish in 1970.


Waterloo First United Methodist Church, 614 Randolph St, Waterloo, IA 319-235-7088, fax 319-235-7171. The oldest Christian church in the Cedar Valley. Founders, George and Mary Hanna and Charles and America Mullen began the first church meetings in a log cabin in 1846. Have been in this building since 1911.


Westminster Presbyterian Church, 1301 Kimball Ave, Waterloo, IA 319-234-5501, Organized in 1905 and at present location since 1957.



Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church, 810 Kimball Avenue, Waterloo, IA 319-235-7045, fax 319-233-9783. Began on January 5, 1945 with sixteen families meeting to worship at Whittier School.

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