1885 Iowa State Census


This is an unusual database. Black Hawk County is not enumerated until the Iowa 1895 State Census. The information provided below contains only those people counted in the 1885 Iowa Census who were born in Black Hawk County, Iowa but live in one of these counties: Adair, Audubon, Adams, Buena Vista, Carroll, Calhoun, Cass, Cherokee, Clarke, Clay, Crawford, Decatur, Dickinson, Emmet, Fremont, Hamilton, Hancock, Humboldt, Ida, Kossuth, Lyon, Madison, Mills, Montgomery, O'Brien, Osceola, Page, Palo Alto, Plymouth, Pocahontas, Ringgold, Sac, Sioux, Taylor, Union, Van Buren, Winnebago, Woodbury, and Wright. Mostly children, there are many 30+ year old adults. If you see the kids but not the parents or other siblings, then the kids were the only ones born in Black Hawk County. The database was sorted first by County, then by Township/City and lastly by first name.





Full Name Age Sex Status Township/City County


Emma Peterson 27 F M Grant Union

George Perry 25 M S Grant Union

Jane Perry 21 F S Grant Union

Milion Perry 30 M S Grant Union

Laura Walace 9 F S Lincoln Union

Lilian Walace 5 F S Lincoln Union


Charles E. Keeler 31 M M Center Winnebago

Anna Nicholson 7 F S Forest Winnebago

Emilia Nicholson 9 F S Forest Winnebago

Hilga Nicholson 4 F S Forest Winnebago

Louis Nicholson 11 M S Forest Winnebago


A. E. Burkhead 18 F S   Woodbury

Abbey Millage 22 F S   Woodbury

Agnes Anderson 10 F S   Woodbury

Albert Adams 29 M M   Woodbury

Albert Andrews 19 M S   Woodbury

Amanda Kaell 8 F S   Woodbury

Annie Harrington 23 F M   Woodbury

Bruce Waldo 9 M S   Woodbury

Caleb M. Thomas 16 M S   Woodbury

Caroline Brown 7 F S   Woodbury

Charles Hill 16 M S   Woodbury

Chas Hill 15 M S   Woodbury

Chas Sass 23 M M   Woodbury

Chas Soaper 24 M S   Woodbury

Conn Wood 23 M S   Woodbury

Eddie Hacket 2 F S   Woodbury

Eddie Nicholas 8 F S   Woodbury

Elsie Bowers 3 F S   Woodbury

Ernest Gillady 37 M S   Woodbury

Frank Adams 7 M S   Woodbury

Frank Hill 7 M S   Woodbury

Frank Hill 8 M S   Woodbury

Fred Barker 21 M S   Woodbury

Geo Darrow 26 M S   Woodbury

Geo Foye 11 M S   Woodbury

Geo Walls 13 M S   Woodbury

George Short 18 M S   Woodbury

Gusie Blum 2 F S   Woodbury

Harriett Daley 6 F S   Woodbury

Hattie Hall 18 F M   Woodbury

Hattie Marr 27 F W   Woodbury

James Beachen 2 M S   Woodbury

Jane Hill 10 F S   Woodbury

Jas C. Pauley 28 M S   Woodbury

Jemmie Adams 8 F S   Woodbury

Jennie Hill 10 F S   Woodbury

Jno B. Perkins 18 M S   Woodbury

John Dunn 13 M S   Woodbury

Josie Blum 5 M S   Woodbury

Kate Payson 19 F S   Woodbury

L. A. Perkins 23 F S   Woodbury

Levina Hill 12 F S   Woodbury

Levina Hill 13 F S   Woodbury

Lillie Foye 13 F S   Woodbury

Lucy Hacket 1 F S   Woodbury

Lucy P. Boehmler 17 F S   Woodbury

M. E. Hiller 23 M S   Woodbury

Margaret Adams 26 F M   Woodbury

Marie Mahuke 12 F S   Woodbury

Mary Dunn 11 F S   Woodbury

Mary Foye 18 F S   Woodbury

Mary Payson 16 F S   Woodbury

Minnie Welsh 18 F S   Woodbury

Paterick Mackabay 28 M S   Woodbury

Peter Beck 19 M S   Woodbury

R. J. Stough 18 M S   Woodbury

Reuben Hoxie 10 M S   Woodbury

S. T. Clover 18 M S   Woodbury

Timothy Berry 11 M S   Woodbury

W. E. Burkhead 16 M S   Woodbury

Will Hunt 27 M S   Woodbury

Will Shamen 18 M S   Woodbury

William Adams 5 M S   Woodbury

William Dodge 12 M S   Woodbury

William Foye 16 M S   Woodbury

William Sassmen 25 M S   Woodbury

Willie Dunn 9 M S   Woodbury

Rose Long 17 F M Banner Woodbury

Edgar Bronson 7 M S Concord Woodbury

Harry Bronson 9 M S Concord Woodbury

Ada V. Fox 17 F S Kedron Woodbury

Harry O. Fox 13 M S Kedron Woodbury

Viva C. Fox 15 F S Kedron Woodbury

Daniel I. Stover 15 M S Lakeport Woodbury

Ida Follett 2 F S Liberty Woodbury

Harriet Knowls 15 F S Little Sioux Woodbury

Harry Knowls 15 M S Little Sioux Woodbury

Nellie Smead 20 F M Little Sioux Woodbury

Allvir Young 9 F S Miller Woodbury

Clara Young 14 F S Miller Woodbury

Edward Young 19 M S Miller Woodbury

Emma Young 17 F S Miller Woodbury

Frank Young 12 M S Miller Woodbury

Jennie Young 16 F S Miller Woodbury

Joseph Young 4 M S Miller Woodbury

Nettie Young 2 F S Miller Woodbury

Alfred Beeghley 11 M S Rutland Woodbury

Chloe R. Southern 3 F S Rutland Woodbury

Harry Beeghley 15 M S Rutland Woodbury

Hary L. Southern 1 M S Rutland Woodbury

Hattie E. Reynolds 23 F M Rutland Woodbury

Ida M. Taagaad 11 F S Rutland Woodbury

John Beeghley 20 M S Rutland Woodbury

Nora Brunson 12 F S Rutland Woodbury

Oliver Beeghley 21 M S Rutland Woodbury

Willie Beeghley 16 M S Rutland Woodbury

Albert Barker 6 M S Sioux City Woodbury

Annie Estlack 20 F S Sioux City Woodbury

Anny Smith 20 F S Sioux City Woodbury

Frank Barker 18 M S Sioux City Woodbury

Fred Barber 21 M S Sioux City Woodbury

Fred Barth 9 M S Sioux City Woodbury

Jennie Barker 12 F S Sioux City Woodbury

Jno F. Barber 16 M S Sioux City Woodbury

Katie Smith 17 F S Sioux City Woodbury

Lizzie Barth 10 F S Sioux City Woodbury

Mamie Smith 14 F S Sioux City Woodbury

Mary Barth 12 F S Sioux City Woodbury

Maude Barker 16 F S Sioux City Woodbury

Samuel Lashley 17 M S Sioux City Woodbury

Wm Barker 8 M S Sioux City Woodbury

Addie Flisher 1 M S Union Woodbury

Clare?? V. Harmon 8 F S Union Woodbury

James P. Newell 26 M M Union Woodbury

John Edridge 31 M M Union Woodbury

Leroy C. Harmon 6 M S Union Woodbury

William M. Harmon 15 M S Union Woodbury

Bruce Carrington 10 M S Wolf Creek Woodbury

James Carrington 6 M S Wolf Creek Woodbury

Eleck Paul 23 M S Woodbury Woodbury


Mary Christianson 3 F S Belmond Wright

Edith J. Palmer 2 F S Blaine Wright

Elda W. Sheffler 17 F S Blaine Wright

James C. Dwyer 21 M S Blaine Wright

John Senenfelter 12 M S Blaine Wright

Joseph Senenfelter 14 M S Blaine Wright

May E. Palmer 4 F S Blaine Wright

Minnie C. Palmer 18 F M Blaine Wright

Alice C. Plumbly 25 F M Boone Wright

Elmer Church 17 M S Boone Wright

Alice Enterkin 29 F M Clarion Wright

Charles Bray 4 M S Clarion Wright

Clara Cole 16 F S Clarion Wright

Ellie Dwyre 12 M S Clarion Wright

Ellsworth Stone 16 M S Clarion Wright

Gertie Stella 4 F S Clarion Wright

Gertrude Dwyre 7 F S Clarion Wright

Godfrey Weise 5 M S Clarion Wright

Horace Bray 10 M S Clarion Wright

Hugh G. Jameson 16 M S Clarion Wright

Ida Carr 7 F S Clarion Wright

Jennie Stella 7 F S Clarion Wright

John Dwyre 17 M S Clarion Wright

Lena B. Bray 5 F S Clarion Wright

Lizzie Dwyre 16 F S Clarion Wright

Mable Stone 10 F S Clarion Wright

Maggie Dwyre 10 F S Clarion Wright

Mamie Turner 13 F S Clarion Wright

Mary Little 21 F M Clarion Wright

Nellie Dwyre 14 F S Clarion Wright

William Dwyre 13 M S Clarion Wright

William H. Bray 8 M S Clarion Wright

Willie R. Jameson 13 M S Clarion Wright

Birt Mosher 6 M S Dayton Wright

Edward Watson 18 M S Dayton Wright

Effie Corwin 26 F S Dayton Wright

Emma Mosher 5 F S Dayton Wright

Ernest J. Corwin 20 M S Dayton Wright

Howard Schoonover 5 M S Dayton Wright

Laura Albright 5 F S Dayton Wright

Lyllia M. Corwin 11 F S Dayton Wright

Margrett D. Buck 29 F S Dayton Wright

Mary A. Henely 21 F M Dayton Wright

Minnie Hartman 13 F S Dayton Wright

Norra M. Corwin 13 M S Dayton Wright

Ephram McKinley 30 M S Iowa Wright

Frank Utter 27 M S Iowa Wright

Louis McKiney 23 M S Iowa Wright

Edwin Countryman 8 M S Lake Wright

Ida Countryman 4 F S Lake Wright

Arthur E. Beckwith 0 M S Lincoln Wright

Bert Pohlman 8 M S Lincoln Wright

Edna V. Pohlman 6 F S Lincoln Wright

Emma Hagerman 4 F S Lincoln Wright

Herman Pohlman 3 M S Lincoln Wright

I. K. Polly 16 M S Lincoln Wright

Lewis E. Polly 14 M S Lincoln Wright

Maggie I. Collins 13 F S Lincoln Wright

Maggie P. Beckwith 21 F M Lincoln Wright

Mary L. Collins 15 F S Lincoln Wright

Bolette Rasmussen 6 F S Norway Wright

Frank Pierce 17 M S Norway Wright

Magie Lucas 5 F S Norway Wright

Martin Sigstad 16 M S Norway Wright

Matildia Shillington 19 F M Norway Wright

Robert Thomas 18 M S Norway Wright

Teodor Rasmussen 4 M S Norway Wright

Thomas Sigstad 17 M S Norway Wright

Eugene Sullivan 23 M S Pleasant Wright

Johie Chaplimski 5 M S Wall Lake Wright

Maria Chaplimski 8 F S Wall Lake Wright

Susan Chaplimski 6 F S Wall Lake Wright

Thomas Fagan 15 M S Wall Lake Wright