1885 Iowa State Census


This is an unusual database. Black Hawk County is not enumerated until the Iowa 1895 State Census. The information provided below contains only those people counted in the 1885 Iowa Census who were born in Black Hawk County, Iowa but live in one of these counties: Adair, Audubon, Adams, Buena Vista, Carroll, Calhoun, Cass, Cherokee, Clarke, Clay, Crawford, Decatur, Dickinson, Emmet, Fremont, Hamilton, Hancock, Humboldt, Ida, Kossuth, Lyon, Madison, Mills, Montgomery, O'Brien, Osceola, Page, Palo Alto, Plymouth, Pocahontas, Ringgold, Sac, Sioux, Taylor, Union, Van Buren, Winnebago, Woodbury, and Wright. Mostly children, there are many 30+ year old adults. If you see the kids but not the parents or other siblings, then the kids were the only ones born in Black Hawk County. The database was sorted first by County, then by Township/City and lastly by first name.





Full Name Age Sex Status Township/City County


Hattie M. Reilly 5 F S Amity Page

Gracie Ramback 17 F S East River Page

Mary Bomar 19 F M East River Page


C??? M. Steed 19 F S Emmetsburg Palo Alto

George M. Church 18 M S Emmetsburg Palo Alto

Ida M. Stemer 29 F M Emmetsburg Palo Alto

Edward F. Ash 30 M S Highland Palo Alto

Robert Fuller 12 M S Highland Palo Alto

Walter Fuller 4 M S Highland Palo Alto


Ad Brubacher 29 M S America Plymouth

Ad Brubacker 28 M M America Plymouth

Ad Bruebacker 26 M M America Plymouth

Albert Berg 14 M S America Plymouth

Annie Thomm 20 F S America Plymouth

Arthur B. Jaquith 24 M M America Plymouth

Chas Chamberlain 20 M S America Plymouth

Elizabeth B. Watkins 5 F S America Plymouth

Ella Beswick 11 F S America Plymouth

Elmer Sophy 12 M S America Plymouth

Emma Jaquith 25 F S America Plymouth

F. W. Beck 30 M M America Plymouth

Frank Heeb 15 M S America Plymouth

Jane Heeb 12 F S America Plymouth

Jessie T. Cottrell 6 M S America Plymouth

Joseph F. Sartori 25 M S America Plymouth

Kate Allim 16 F S America Plymouth

Kate E. Sartori 27 F M America Plymouth

Laura Jaquith 27 F S America Plymouth

Lizzie Gallas 18 F S America Plymouth

Lizzie Thomm 18 F S America Plymouth

Maud E. Watkins 7 F S America Plymouth

Nellie Adelhein 13 F S America Plymouth

Nora Coons 13 F S America Plymouth

Nora I. Hilbert 9 F S America Plymouth

John Sophy Jr. 15 M S America Plymouth

Walter A. Wilkins 14 M S America Plymouth

Bertie Judd 10 M S Elgin Plymouth

Wm Judd 14 M S Elgin Plymouth

Carrie Bailey 15 F S Grant Plymouth

Herbert M. Bailey 8 M S Grant Plymouth

Nellie Bailey 13 F S Grant Plymouth

John Bockaberg 17 M S Henry Plymouth

Jacob Schmitz 10 M S Marion Plymouth

Nicholas Schmitz 5 M S Marion Plymouth

George Walker 30 M S Perry Plymouth

Eisabeth Dinges 25 F M Plymouth Plymouth

John F. Mueller 11 M S Plymouth Plymouth

Carrie C. Hampton 12 F S Portland Plymouth

Celia A. Hampton 17 F S Portland Plymouth

Nathan Hamptoin 31 M M Portland Plymouth

Olive T. Smith 14 F S Portland Plymouth

Asa Harkness 14 M S Westfield Plymouth

Asa L. Harkness 7 M S Westfield Plymouth

George Harkness 17 M S Westfield Plymouth

Mable Rushling 15 F S Westfield Plymouth

Maud Rushling 9 F S Westfield Plymouth

Myrtle Ogdan 12 F S Westfield Plymouth


Antje Dewall 9 F S Bellville Pocahontas

Christina Dewall 4 F S Bellville Pocahontas

Henry Dewall 5 M S Bellville Pocahontas

John Dewall 9 M S Bellville Pocahontas

Mary Dewall 7 F S Bellville Pocahontas

Rachel Dewall 6 F S Bellville Pocahontas

Svanji Dewall 12 F S Bellville Pocahontas

Burt Osborn 16 M S Cedar Pocahontas

Chas Campbell 1 M S Cedar Pocahontas

Helen Brockway 27 F M Cedar Pocahontas

Wm Boyd McClellan 14 M S Cedar Pocahontas

G. E. Murphy 26 F M Center Pocahontas

Amma Rasmussen 3 F S Clinton Pocahontas

Ugene Duke 26 M M Clinton Pocahontas

Jessie D. Fawcett 16 F S Des Moines Pocahontas

Alonzo D. Thompson 9 M S Dover Pocahontas

Annie Hanner 25 F S Dover Pocahontas

Eliza J. Thompson 11 F S Dover Pocahontas

Josephine Chace 22 F M Dover Pocahontas

Mary Thompson 2 M S Dover Pocahontas

Sarah L. Smith 18 F M Dover Pocahontas

Worthy Hanner 2 M S Dover Pocahontas

Calvin B. Saylor 17 M S Lincoln Pocahontas

Clara Saylor 7 F S Lincoln Pocahontas

Mary Crahan 23 F S Lizard Pocahontas

Thomas Crahan 20 M S Lizard Pocahontas

Lizie Turner 25 F M Sherman Pocahontas

Louise Bennet 22 F S Sherman Pocahontas


Elizabeth Tarman 23 F M Grant Ringgold

Carrie E. Hays 18 F S Mount Ayr Ringgold

Eliza L. Hays 20 F S Mount Ayr Ringgold

Elmore Hays 22 M S Mount Ayr Ringgold

William Hays 16 M S Mount Ayr Ringgold

William B. Bogart 0 M S Poe Ringgold

Mary J. Johnston 24 F M Union Ringgold

Clarance A. Talbott 15 M S Washington Ringgold

Fra??it Talbott 17 M S Washington Ringgold

Lucy A. Talbott 12 F S Washington Ringgold


Elten Smith 14 M S Boyer Valley Sac

Rosena Smith 18 F S Boyer Valley Sac

Annie Barchart 12 F S Coon Valley Sac

Dottie Deniston 14 F S Coon Valley Sac

Ida Barchart 10 F S Coon Valley Sac

John Arndt 11 M S Coon Valley Sac

Minnie Arndt 9 F S Coon Valley Sac

Ida M. McLean 17 F S Douglas Sac

Lavina C. Sanders 33 F M Douglas Sac

William H. Haradon 20 M M Early  Sac

Carrie E. Evans 24 F M Eden Sac

Louesa Gertsimer 35 F M Eureka Sac

Wiliam Gertsimer 14 M S Eureka Sac

Jacob Vogel 15 M S Levey Sac

Oliver Geist 13 M S Odebolt Sac

Edna C. Emerett 7 F S Sac Sac

Emma Arndt 9 F S Sac Sac

Flory Emerett 10 F S Sac Sac

Fred Arndt 13 M S Sac Sac

John Donghenbaugh 29 M M Sac Sac

Grace Hunter 9 F S Shaller Sac

James Daniels 32 M M Wall Lake Sac

Rosa Smith 18 F S Wheeler Sac


Amy A. Ellis 27 F S Buncomble Sioux

Anna Klinefelter 30 F M Buncomble Sioux

Bird Frank 20 F M Buncomble Sioux

Charles D. Sargent 27 M S Buncomble Sioux

Charlie Bly 8 M S Buncomble Sioux

Cloyd Chenoweth 14 M S Buncomble Sioux

Emma Coons 27 F M Buncomble Sioux

Emma D. Sargent 23 F S Buncomble Sioux

Esterby L. Shimer 8 F S Buncomble Sioux

Evaline Struble 27 F M Buncomble Sioux

Florence E. Molyrieux 13 F S Buncomble Sioux

Guy Munger 12 M S Buncomble Sioux

Harl H. Molyrieux 7 M S Buncomble Sioux

Harry Barton 15 M S Buncomble Sioux

Izetta B. Baily 1 F S Buncomble Sioux

James Colvin 15 M S Buncomble Sioux

Jay A. Ashley 11 M S Buncomble Sioux

Jennie Bly 3 F S Buncomble Sioux

Jennie M. Molyrieux 9 F S Buncomble Sioux

John C. Shimer 5 M S Buncomble Sioux

John M. Fritz 12 M S Buncomble Sioux

Katie Fritz 14 F S Buncomble Sioux

Lewis D. Baily 8 M S Buncomble Sioux

Lewis H. Baily 29 M M Buncomble Sioux

Lizzie Bly 31 F M Buncomble Sioux

Louie Coons 4 F S Buncomble Sioux

Lydia A. Baily 27 F M Buncomble Sioux

Lydia A. Shimer 25 F M Buncomble Sioux

Maggie Okeefe 5 F S Buncomble Sioux

Manda Baily 7 F S Buncomble Sioux

May A. Sargent 20 F S Buncomble Sioux

Minnie M. Shimer 2 F S Buncomble Sioux

Nellie Searle 23 F M Buncomble Sioux

Ora Bly 1 F S Buncomble Sioux

Susine Reed 8 F S Buncomble Sioux

William E. Shimer 29 M M Buncomble Sioux

Amine Westcott 4 F S Center Sioux

David A. Chenery 15 M S Center Sioux

Elizabeth E. Chenery 3 F S Center Sioux

Ester S. Chenery 10 F S Center Sioux

Mary Chenery 12 F S Center Sioux

Minerva J. Chenery 6 F S Center Sioux

Nancy E. Chenery 8 F S Center Sioux

Gertie M. Fosberg 14 F S Lincoln Sioux

Alma Savage 11 F S Reading Sioux

Alta Shimer 10 F S Reading Sioux

Artie D. Fisburz 7 M S Reading Sioux

Elmira Lasher 23 F M Reading Sioux

Estella Arther 7 F S Reading Sioux

Ester Arther 26 F M Reading Sioux

Everett Rogers 1 M S Reading Sioux

Florance Shimer 8 F S Reading Sioux

Frank Savage 13 M S Reading Sioux

George S. Rogers 8 M S Reading Sioux

John Beck 20 M S Reading Sioux

Lena A. Coon 8 F S Reading Sioux

Lincoln Bailey 24 M M Reading Sioux

Lizzie A. Morris 27 F M Reading Sioux

Luie F. Morris 4 M S Reading Sioux

Mable Arther 5 F S Reading Sioux

Russ Savage 8 M S Reading Sioux

Willie F. Fisburz 9 M S Reading Sioux

Ada Blatherwick 9 F S Rock Sioux

Arthur A. Roberts 15 M S Rock Sioux

Carrie L. Finch 12 F S Rock Sioux

Carrie Rowe 28 F M Rock Sioux

Charles Blatherwick 11 M S Rock Sioux

Elizebeth Wood 16 F S Rock Sioux

Ellen Warren 16 F S Rock Sioux

Eloise Warren 13 M S Rock Sioux

Fred Corwin 17 M S Rock Sioux

George Blatherwick 6 M S Rock Sioux

Grace Francher 22 F S Rock Sioux

Harvey Wood 19 M S Rock Sioux

Howard M. Corwin 28 M S Rock Sioux

Ida Lamb 15 F S Rock Sioux

Jerry L. Finch 10 M S Rock Sioux

John Blatherwick 13 M S Rock Sioux

Libbie Lamb 13 F S Rock Sioux

Nellie Finch 20 F S Rock Sioux

Nettie Corwin 14 F S Rock Sioux

Pliny C. Finch 4 M S Rock Sioux

Wilfred Blatherwick 14 M S Rock Sioux

Adelbert Star 6 M S Settlers Sioux

Clara L. Baysinger 12 F S Settlers Sioux

Clara Star 28 F M Settlers Sioux

Clarance Wood 1 M S Settlers Sioux

Dora Leola Baysinger 7 F S Settlers Sioux

Lida L. Baysinger 10 F S Settlers Sioux

Maggie Jones 10 F S Settlers Sioux

Newton E. Wood 28 M M Settlers Sioux

William R. Baysinger 14 M S Settlers Sioux

Lilly Mayer 4 F S Sherman Sioux

Lusy Mayer 5 F S Sherman Sioux

Mary Mayer 6 F S Sherman Sioux

Frank Bennett 4 M S Welcome Sioux

George Bennett 12 M S Welcome Sioux

Skyler Bennett 10 M S Welcome Sioux

Thomas Bennett 7 M S Welcome Sioux


Carrie E. Stocks 7 F S Bedford Taylor

Charles W. Gray 18 M S Bedford Taylor

Charles Rusher 13 M S Holt Taylor

Mary Rusher 10 F S Holt Taylor

Bertha M. Humphrey 10 F S Platte Taylor

Cassus M. Hosman 24 M S Polk Taylor

Emma H. Owings 23 F M Polk Taylor

Mary B. Wells 28 F M Polk Taylor