1885 Iowa State Census


This is an unusual database.  Black Hawk County is not enumerated until the Iowa 1895 State Census.  The information provided below contains only those people counted in the 1885 Iowa Census who were born in Black Hawk County, Iowa but live in one of these counties:  Adair, Audubon, Adams, Buena Vista, Carroll, Calhoun, Cass, Cherokee, Clarke, Clay, Crawford, Decatur, Dickinson, Emmet, Fremont, Hamilton, Hancock, Humboldt, Ida, Kossuth, Lyon, Madison, Mills, Montgomery, O'Brien, Osceola, Page, Palo Alto, Plymouth, Pocahontas, Ringgold, Sac, Sioux, Taylor, Union, Van Buren, Winnebago, Woodbury, and Wright.  Mostly children, there are many 30+ year old adults.  If you see the kids but not the parents or other siblings, then the kids were the only ones born in Black Hawk County.  The database was sorted first by County, then by Township/City and lastly by first name.





Full Name                      Age       Sex   Status       Township/City            County


Willie Buffington           17        M         S         Centre Grove             Dickinson

Charley Eldridge           9          M         S         Lloyd                        Dickinson

Frankie M. Eldridge       13        F          S         Lloyd                        Dickinson

Gracie Eldridge             5          F          S         Lloyd                        Dickinson

Herbert M. Cain           17        M         S         Lloyd                        Dickinson

Reuben Donaldson        18        M         S         Milford                      Dickinson

Flora E. Hemenway       13        F          S         Spirit Lake                 Dickinson

Frank Mitchell              6          M         S         Spirit Lake                 Dickinson

George Greeg              20        M         S         Spirit Lake                 Dickinson

George Mitchell            1          M         S         Spirit Lake                 Dickinson

Lewis Mitchell              8          M         S         Spirit Lake                 Dickinson

Martin Mitchell             14        M         S         Spirit Lake                 Dickinson

Mary Mitchell               14        F          S         Spirit Lake                 Dickinson

Ruanna Jones              27        F          M         Spirit Lake                 Dickinson

William Mitchell            11        M         S         Spirit Lake                 Dickinson


Eva Churchill               19        F          S         Armstrong Grove        Emmet

Harvey M. Churchill       22        M         S         Armstrong Grove        Emmet

Annie E. Peterson         7          F          S         Denmark                   Emmet

Britha L. Peterson        3          F          S         Denmark                   Emmet

Marie Peterson            1          F          S         Denmark                   Emmet

???                                                             Emmett                    Emmet

Eliza Weir                                                     Emmett                    Emmet

George Fisher              13        M         S         Estherville                 Emmet

Mary Howe                 12        F          S         Estherville                 Emmet

Stephen Howe             9          M         S         Estherville                 Emmet

Christie Anderson         7          F          S         High Lake                  Emmet

Clara Morrison             8          F          S         Scott                       Emmet

Maggie Morrison           11        F          S         Scott                       Emmet

Charles Bixby               5          M         S         Twelve Mile Lake        Emmet

Cora Bixby                  9          F          S         Twelve Mile Lake        Emmet

Daisy Bixby                 7          F          S         Twelve Mile Lake        Emmet


Blanche Crocker           15        F          S         Fisher                       Fremont

George Crocker            17        M         S         Fisher                       Fremont


Cornelia Shaffer           23        F          S         Blairsburg                  Hamilton

Edmond J. Shaffer        19        M         S         Blairsburg                  Hamilton

Frank H. Shaffer          16        M         S         Blairsburg                  Hamilton

Geo H. Shaffer             21        M         S         Blairsburg                  Hamilton

Andrew Knoull              18        M         S         Freedom                   Hamilton

William Lewis               24        M         M         Independence            Hamilton

Eddie Bosma                12        M         S         Liberty                     Hamilton

Hellena V. Borland        19        F          M         Liberty                     Hamilton

Jennie Koap                10        F          S         Liberty                     Hamilton

Samuel Wagner            18        M         S         Liberty                     Hamilton

Stitje Bosma               9          F          S         Liberty                     Hamilton

Jane Koop                   14        M         S         Lyon                        Hamilton

Janna Koop                 12        F          S         Lyon                        Hamilton

Jantye Koop                10        M         S         Lyon                        Hamilton

Mabel Wilson               14        F          S         Marion                      Hamilton

Alfred Pray                  11        M         S         Webster City             Hamilton

Allis Duffy                   16        F          S         Williams                    Hamilton

Charles Duffy              17        M         S         Williams                    Hamilton

James Duffy                23        M         S         Williams                    Hamilton


Arther B. Codling          9          M         S         Amsterdam                Hancock

Matilde Wilcks             17        F          S         Amsterdam                Hancock

Nancy Belt                  14        F          S         Amsterdam                Hancock

Willerd O. Codling         5          M         S         Amsterdam                Hancock

Charles Nelson             10        M         S         Avery                       Hancock

Wm Nelson                  16        M         S         Avery                       Hancock

Leavitt M. Hill              18        F          S         Boone                      Hancock

Lilla M. Hill                  11        F          S         Boone                      Hancock

Ella Hayden                 25        F          S         Britt                         Hancock

Jessie Wilson               12        F          S         Britt                         Hancock

John Cowan                24        M         S         Britt                         Hancock

Stella Wilson               9          F          S         Britt                         Hancock

Carrie B. Steel             9          F          S         Concord                    Hancock

Eddie Graves               15        M         S         Ellington                   Hancock

Bertha Wyman             4          F          S         Erin                          Hancock


Edith Edgerly               6          F          S         Avery                       Humbolt

Arthur J. Boor              15        M         S         Dakota                     Humbolt

Charles E. Plantz          13        M         S         Dakota                     Humbolt

Clyde D. Boor              12        M         S         Dakota                     Humbolt

Edith M. Boor              10        F          S         Dakota                     Humbolt

Elias P. Plantz              15        M         S         Dakota                     Humbolt

Jessie B. Boor              8          F          S         Dakota                     Humbolt

Lillian M. Boor              4          F          S         Dakota                     Humbolt

Edmund Brawender       4          M         S         Delana                      Humbolt

Floyd Brawender          6          M         S         Delana                      Humbolt

Grace A. Berry             3          F          S         Delana                      Humbolt

Winnifred Brawender     8          F          S         Delana                      Humbolt

Chas E. Schenck          30        M         M         Grove                       Humbolt

Ira Aldrich                   27        M         M         Grove                       Humbolt

Wm C. Case                19        M         S         Grove                       Humbolt

Nellie Green                 27        F          M         Livermore                  Humbolt

Etna Jensen                2          F          S         Rutland                     Humbolt

Alice Smith                 19        F          S         Springvale                 Humbolt

Charles H. Preble          9          M         S         Springvale                 Humbolt

Edgar C. Preble            7          M         S         Springvale                 Humbolt

Flora H. Young             17        F          S         Springvale                 Humbolt

Gertie H. Preble           17        F          S         Springvale                 Humbolt

Jaennie Young             15        F          S         Springvale                 Humbolt

Maggie E. Preble          15        F          S         Springvale                 Humbolt

Mina J. Young              13        F          S         Springvale                 Humbolt

Sara Strong                23        F          M         Springvale                 Humbolt

Maud Hopkins              5          F          S         Wacousta                 Humbolt


Faney C. Dance           17        F          S         Corwin                      Ida

Frank High                  18        M         S         Corwin                      Ida

Millie A. Dance             13        F          S         Corwin                      Ida

Nellie M. High              16        F          S         Corwin                      Ida

Thelbert Pattes           13        M         S         Corwin                      Ida

Wilhulm Fisher             5          M         S         Garfield                     Ida


Alonzo Munzer             10        M         S         Burt                         Kossuth

Annie M. Munzer          2          F          S         Burt                         Kossuth

Augusty H. Munzer       4          M         S         Burt                         Kossuth

Charles Ernst               22        M         S         Burt                         Kossuth

Edgary F. Tuthill          24        M         M         Burt                         Kossuth

Emma Harsh                17        F          S         Burt                         Kossuth

George B. Tuthill          26        M         M         Burt                         Kossuth

William H. Pierce          14        M         S         Burt                         Kossuth

Belle McCain                20        F          M         Cresco                     Kossuth

Frank Graeber              2          M         S         Cresco                     Kossuth

George Wood              29        M         M         Lotts Creek               Kossuth

Sarah V. Montgomery   11        F          S         Lotts Creek               Kossuth

Minnie Bruse                14        F          S         Portland                    Kossuth

Annie Wilse                 19        F          S         Ramsay                    Kossuth

Charles Wilse               16        M         S         Ramsay                    Kossuth

Frank Wilse                 12        M         S         Ramsay                    Kossuth

Jessie E. Willey            18        M         S         Sherman                   Kossuth

John B. Willey              20        M         S         Sherman                   Kossuth

Anna Skow                 9          F          S         Wesley                     Kossuth

George C. Skow           3          M         S         Wesley                     Kossuth

Gracie Skow                7          F          S         Wesley                     Kossuth

Mabel E. Watkins         3          F          S         Wesley                     Kossuth

Mary Skow                  5          F          S         Wesley                     Kossuth


Cara Andrews              24        F          M         Doan                        Lyon

Clarence Andrews        28        M         M         Doan                        Lyon

John Quinn                  17        M         S         Doan                        Lyon

Charles Miller               18        M         S         Grant                       Lyon

Agnes Rood                 27        F          M         Lyon                        Lyon

Lizzie Jones                 26        F          M         Lyon                        Lyon

William S. Smith           22        M         S         Lyon                        Lyon

Sarah E. Johnson         25        F          M         Richland                    Lyon

Earle Merrill                 10        M         S         Riverside                   Lyon

Leda Berkholtz             28        F          M         Rock                        Lyon

Lindey Frost                28        F          M         Rock                        Lyon

Mary C. Haynes           25        F          M         Rock                        Lyon

Minnie Arlson               15        F          S         Rock                        Lyon

Nellie Frost                 5          F          S         Rock                        Lyon

William Haynes             3          M         S         Rock                        Lyon

Amelia Hoffman            20        F          M         Warren                     Lyon


Lurina Earp                 39        F          M         Jackson                    Madison

Samuel Meyer              19        M         S         Webster                   Madison


Minnie Starr                14        F          S         Center/Hillsdale          Mills

Ellen Sandiland            25        F          S         Indian Creek              Mills

Fredreck Clark             6          M         S         Malvern                    Mills

James W. Clark            8          M         S         Malvern                    Mills


Alice Grey                   18        F          S         Red Oak                    Montgomery

Carl Snyder                 15        M         S         Red Oak                    Montgomery

Lois Grey                    18        F          S         Red Oak                    Montgomery

Percy Sprinkle             14        M         S         Red Oak/3rd Ward       Montgomery

Frederic Trumbauer      12        M         S         Washington               Montgomery


Emma H. Boyd             14        F          S         Caledonia                  O’Brien

Stuard Boyd                12        M         S         Caledonia                  O’Brien

Harvey Leidell              13        M         S         Carroll                      O’Brien

Neal Perry                   22        M         S         Carroll                      O’Brien

Allen J. Barr                13        M         S         Franklin                    O’Brien

Ann C. K. Kaynor          8          F          S         Franklin                    O’Brien

B. Kaynor                   7          F          S         Franklin                    O’Brien

Ida S. Hoffman            26        F          M         Franklin                    O’Brien

Myrtle Hoffman            8          F          S         Franklin                    O’Brien

Pearl Hoffman              6          F          S         Franklin                    O’Brien

Hattie M. Karekal         10        F          M         Highland                   O’Brien

Martha M. Karekal        18        F          S         Highland                   O’Brien

Charles H. Shafer         23        M         S         Liberty                     O’Brien

Emma Fuller                30        F          M         Liberty                     O’Brien

Tillie Jennys                15        F          S         Union                       O’Brien

Elmer Kimball               17        M         S         Waterman                 O’Brien

Fanny E. G. Kimball       5          F          S         Waterman                 O’Brien

Ida West                    24        F          M         Waterman                 O’Brien


Eunice I. Berll              17        F          S         Holman                     Osceola

Maud Kirkpatrick          2          F          S         Holman                     Osceola

Minnie E. Blennis          5          F          S         Holman                     Osceola

Arthur E. Wood            6          M         S         Ocheyedan                Osceola

Francis A. Wood          25        M         M         Ocheyedan                Osceola

Henry M. Trumbover     27        M         M         Ocheyedan                Osceola

James Wood                30        M         M         Ocheyedan                Osceola

Ruben Lintner              4          M         S         Ocheyedan                Osceola

Lilly A. Spooner            2          F          S         Wilson                      Osceola

Ruperd Spooner           3          M         S         Wilson                      Osceola