Supplemental Miller Family Information

Orange Township Cemetery, Black Hawk County, Iowa

new supplemental information is added to the WPA survey information. Submitted by Merikay Mestad

Abraham A [d. 1892 s/o Abraham Miller and Maria Saylor]

Abraham W. h/o Eliza (Peck) b. 17 Sep 1847 d. 10 Feb 1915
[s/o Daniel A. Miller and Elizabeth Weller]

Albert s/o S. M. & A. B. d. 16 May 1874, 2y 11m 10d
[s/o Samuel M. Miller and Anna Buechley]

Anna w/o Samuel M. d. 27 Mar 1907, 70y 9m
[d/o Elias Kegey Buechley/Bickley and Barbara Good]

Anna w/o H. Worden b. 11 Aug 1880 d. 18 Jul 1948 m. 14 Mar 1901 p/o Blaine & Homer
[d/o William M. Fike and Mary A. Walker]

Belinda B. w/o N. W., mother, b. 1853 d. 1918
[w/o Noah Miller d/o Jeremiah Saylor and Mary Ann Putman]

Bertha S. s/o Wally
[Bertha Sophia d/o William Kline and Catherine Mumper; w/o Ephraim Walter Miller]

Bertie s/o S. H. & Susan d. 3 Mar 1875, 4y 4m 14d

Blaine F. b. 19 Apr 1902 d. 8 Jul 1969 p/o John, Blaine J., Douglas & Van
[s/o H. Worden Miller and Annie Fike; husband of Verda Bricker b. 16 Apr 1908 d. 22 May 1985]

Byron b. 1863 d. 1863 no stone found [This “no stone” note was on Charlotte’s list so she may have used cemetery records. s/o William Edgar Miller and Abigail Bueghley/Buechley]

Byron Reed b. 24 Nov 1960 d. 26 Nov 1960

Carl E. s/o Lewis & Ida d. 24 Dec 1900 6y 5m 4d

Caroline w/o Fredrick, mother, b. 1841 d. 1915

Catherine [d/o Abraham A. Miller and Salome Forney]

Charlotte [WALKER]

Clara Mae (Blough) w/o Lloyd H. b. 1888 d. 1941 m. 29 Nov 1909 d/o W. A. Blough
[William Albert Blough and Mary Ann Fike]

Clayton, 1976-1879 [on back side of stone between Ellsworth and Orin Miller]

[s/o William Henry Miller and Anna Maria Walker]

Daniel d. 1895 [s/o Samuel M. Miller and Anna Bueghley]

Daniel A. d. 1909 [Abraham Miller and Mary Saylor]

Don b. 19 Oct 1904 d. 21 Oct 1904
[s/o Lewis Miller and Ida May Stokes]

Dorothy w/o J. Everett b. 1906
[Dorothy Mae SHAEFFER d/o Allen Schaeffer and Mary Jane Myers m2. Glenn William Saylor]

Dorothy J. w/o Perry K. b. 1911 (p/o Perry Lee & Meri Kay)
[Dorothy June d. 2004 d/o William Fred Stockdale and Frankie Gertrude Cook]

E. W. (Wally) b. 1881 d. 1968
[Ephraim Walter Miller s/o Simon B. Miller and Lydia Fike]

Edward C. b. 7 Dec 1881 d. 11 Jul 1942

Elias B. b. 1858 d. 1949
[s/o Matthias Miller and Mary Berkley]

Eliza d/o Matthias & Mary [Berkley] d. 23 Aug 1857, infant

Eliza w/o S. H.
[d/o Daniel B. Buechly and Elizabeth Meyers]

Eliza b. 1874 d. 1956 –missionary to India 1900 to 1940
[Eliza Belle d/o Simon B. Miller and Lydia Fike]

Eliza J. w/o Silas
[d/o Samuel Smith and Lydia Casebeer]

Eliza P. b. 2 Feb 1852 d. 24 Nov 1945
[Eliza Peck d/o Jonas Peck and Franny Saylor]

Elizabeth d/o S. M. & A. B. d. 26 Mar 1874 5y 23d
[d/o Samuel M. Miller and Anna Bueghley]

Elizabeth w/o Daniel A. d. 12 Dec 1890 74y 5m 17d
[Elizabeth WELLER]

[s/o Jonathan W. Miller and Marian J. Will]

Emery s/o Noah & Belinda d. 1 Aug 1871 4m

Emma w/o U. C. b. 1873 d. 1954
[d/o Simon B. Miller and Lydia Fike]

Ernest G. b. 1872 d. 1952

Esther M. (Gissel) w/o Homer E. b. 28 Jul 1908 Otterville d. 18 Dec 1976 (d/o W. H. & Emma (Bantz) Gissel)

Eugene d. 3 Sep 1871 1 y _m _d
[s/o William Miller and Abigail Bueghley; 1886 co. history says died at age 4]

Frankie s/o William & Abigail d. 8 June 1878, 10m 15d

Franklin s/o Cornelius & Elizabeth d. 26 Jun 1871, 1y 6m 22d

Freddie s/o Lewis & Ida b. 8 May 1893 d. 8 May 1893

Fredrick h/o Caroline

Glade E. h/o Merna E. b. 1905 p/o Marilyn & Arlene
[s/o Elias B. Miller and Marietta E. Flickinger]

Guy J. h/o Mildred (Sanderson) b. 13 Jan 1895 MO d. 2 Sep 1976 s/o Elias & Marietta (Flickinger) Miller

H. Worden h/o Anna b. 26 Oct 1874 d. 7 Aug 1960
[Henry Worden s/o Jacob W. Miller and Maggie Maust]

Harvey s/o Cornelius & Elizabeth d. 27 Sep 1860, 6y 6m 22d

Harvey b. 1888 d. 1888 no stone found
[s/o Simon B. Miller and Lydia Fike]

Helen Gertrude b. 1906 d. Dec 1959
[d/o John Wilbert Miller and Mary Wolfe]

Henry A. h/o Nancy b. 1824 Somerset Co., PA d. 13 May 1876 [s/o Abraham Miller and Maria Saylor]

Homer E. h/o Esther M. (Gisssel) b. d.
[b. 5 Aug 1904 d. 25 Feb 1994 s/o Worden Miller and Annie Fike]

Ida May d/o Lewis & Ida b. 31 Jan 1902 d. 31 Jan 1902

Ida May w/o Lewis, mother, b. 1 May 1871 d. 12 Jul 1907 36y 2m 11d

Iola w/o Paul F. b. 1905 d. p/o Marlys & Ivan

J. Everett b. 15 Jan 1911 [d. 27 May] 1982 p/o John & Mary Anne
[John Everett s/o John Wilbert Miller and Mary Wolfe]

J. Wilbert b. [7 Dec] 1879 d. 19 Oct 1965 [John Wilbert Miller s/o Simon B Miller and Lydia Fike, m. Mary Elizabeth Wolfe]

Jennie (Blough) b. 1893 d. 1932—missionary, buried in India [d/o Peter J. Blough and Katherine Horner]

John O d. 1919 b. 1859 [it is 1856 online—check cemetery to see if actually read that, the Cedar Tree list has 1859] [John Oliver Miller s/o Samuel M. Miller and Anna Bueghley, m. Maggie Allison Peck]

Jonah s/o J. H. & Mary d. 31 Dec 1882, age 7y 9m 27d

Jonas A d. 16 Jun 1881, 72y 7m 17d [Abraham Miller and Maria Saylor, m. Sarah Saylor]

Jonathan b. 1843 d. 1933
[s/o Daniel A. Miller and Elizabeth Weller]

Leatha Mary 2nd w/o Ernest, b. 1880 d. 25 Mar 1964

[s/o William Miller and Abigail Bueghley]

Lloyd H. h/o Clara Mae (Blough) b. 1886 d. Feb 1957
[s/o Simon B. Miller and Lydia Fike]

Lydia who d. 1910 [d/o John J. Fike and Sally Miller, m. Simon Berkley Miller]

Lydia who d. 1862 [d/o Jacob Fike and Susanna Lichty, m. William Edgar Miller]

Lydia (Wirt) b. 1889 d. 1988

Lyman s/o William & Abigail d. Mar 1965, 1m 4d

Maggie w/o Oliver b. 1868 d. 1955 [d/o George W. Peck and Sarah Maust]

Marlys N. b. 1928 d. 1937

Martha, mother, who was b. 1878 [d/o John Eli Strayer and Julia A. Stutsman]

Marian [w/o Jonathan; d/o _ WILL]

Marietta w/o E. B. b. 1862 d. 1951
[d/o Jonas Flickinger and Caroline Berkley]

Mary d/o Simon & Lydia d. 22 Jan 1884, 9m 13d

Mary [w/o Matthias, d/o Ludwig Berkley and Sarah Bueghley]

Mary b. [27 Dec] 1858 d. [2 Apr] 1945 [Mary J. w/o William H. Miller, d/o Jacob P. Lichty and Sarah Miller]

Mary E [Elizabeth] d/o Ulysses C. b. [7 Nov] 1912 d. [4 Sep] 1938

Mary E [Elizabeth] w/o Wilbert b. [2 Mar] 1881 d. [27 Jul 1955] [d/o Amos E. Wolfe and Anna Prudence Gipe]

Mathew Philip b. 1972 d. 1972 –no stone found [Charlotte Lichty evidently either used family records or church records]

Merna M. w/o Glade b. 1908 [d. 2006]
[d/o Frank Peterson and Mamie]

Merna M. w/o Vernon b. 1916 d. p/o Dale, Craig, Keith, Karen
[d/o John Wissing and Nettie Sikkink d. 2006]

Mildred (Sanderson) w/o Guy J. b. 1899 d. 1973 [d/o Fred L. Sanderson and Margaret O’Connell]

Nancy b. 24 Jul 1824 d. 7 Feb 1905 [w/o Henry Abraham Miller, d/o John Keim and Barbara Livengood]

Noah W. 1848 d. 1938
[s/o Daniel A. Miller and Elizabeth Miller]

Norman J. d. 1915 [s/o Jacob W. Miller and Maggie Mary Maust]

Orrin b. 1868 d. 1879 [s/o Jonathan William Miller and Marion Will]

Paul F h/o Iola b. 22 Nov 1900 d. 27 Jan 1982 [Paul Flickinger Miller s/o Elias B. Miller and Marietta Flickinger]

Perry K. Miller h/o Dorothy J. b. 1914
[s/o “Wally” Ephraim W. Miller and Bertha Kline]

Robert s/o J. _. and Mary d. 14 Jan 1883

Roy b. 1893 d. 1894 –no stone found [s/o Simon B. Miller and Lydia Fike]

Saloma w/o Abraham A., d. 25 Nov 1898, 81y7 3m [d/o John Forney and Susanna Beeghly]

Samuel M. d. 7 Feb 1912, 78y 3m [s/o Samuel Miller and Mary Miller]

Silas B. s/o Matthias & Mary d. 17 Mar 1874, 19y 3m 20d

Silas B. (d. 1922) [s/o William Miller & Abigail Bueghley, h/o Eliza J. Smith]

Simon B. [Simon Berkley Miller s/o Ephraim D. Miller and Eliza Berkley, h/o Lydia Fike]

Ulysses h/o Emma b. 1869 d. 1950
[s/o Jacob W. Miller and Maggie Maust]

Verda R., b. 16 Apr 1908 d. 22 May 1985 [on stone w/Blaine F. Miller, her husband]

Vernon h/o Merna M. b. 1912 d. 2 Jun 1979 [s/o Lloyd Hiram Miller and Clara Mae Blough, m(1) Bernice Bailey]

Webster s/o P. A. & M. F., d. 7 Feb 1866, 1m 3w 4d

William who b. 1827 [s/o William Henry Miller and “Mary” Anna Marie Walker, h/o Abigail Bueghley]

William H. (b. 1851) [s/o Matthias Miller and Mary Berkley, h/w Mary Lichty]